Hard-anodized cookware without non-stick coating or infusion

Katie123456July 9, 2013

Can anyone tell me why hard-anodized has become synonymous with nonstick? Why has plain old hard-anodized waned in popularity?

I'm not a fan of nonstick, and, IMO, hard-anodized is the best material for cookware. It's not as pretty as stainless, but it's much easier to cook with. It doesn't sear as well as cast iron, but it's lighter, non-reactive, and it heats more evenly.

The only non-nonstick option I'm aware of for hard-anodized cookware is Calphalon Commercial. It's not widely available. In fact, I wouldn't have known you could still get it, if I hadn't found it on this forum.

So what happend? Ten years ago, the primary choices for high-end cookware were stainless, hard-anodized and infused-anodized. Why did regular hard-anodized drop off that list?

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I agree with every thing you say about how good hard-anodized cook ware preforms and its a real joy to use.

However, I am a big, big fan of non-stick. Todays top quality cookware with non-stick is so easy to clean. I just wipe them down. I remember the days of Brillo pads and elbow grease after the Sunday roast. Never again.

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we got rid of all non stick cookware when we read the reports of harmful fumes at high temps. never, ever get your non stick cookware hot enough to smoke oil or brown meat.

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I understand why a person might want to use nonstick cookware.

What I don't understand is, why are the options for NON-nonstick so limited? It's difficult to find anything other than stainless.

Ten years ago, if you didn't want non-stick, it was easy to find uncoated hard-anodized aluminum. Which, to me at least, was the obvious choice. It sears better, and it's easier to clean than stainless. Why has the rest of the world stopped loving it?

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Something like 90% of all aluminum pots and pans sold are non-stick. I don't think anyone stopped loving hard-anodized. They just started loving the ease of cleaning that non-stick provides.

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