Has anyone tried Fissler cookware?

eleenaJuly 10, 2010

If you have, then which line (Original Pro, Solea, etc)

What do you think of it?

Thank you!

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Try a search (use box at bottom of the page, not the one at the top) on "Fissler, and you'll see 4 or 5 threads from the past.

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Thank you, Sushi!

I had forgotten bout the differences in those two Searches.

I followed your advice and did find 4-5 posts but they were older and not informative enough. I guess not many people are using this brand.

I was trying to find out if any of Fissler lines were good for induction cooking. I have heard that the Original Pro line was so-so on induction.

I am not sure what the 'policy' is here. Should I just 'bump' one of the older threads?


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Sure, bump an old thread, maybe someone will see that or even this one. It's just not been a busy topic, like you say, perhaps not enough people have it. Did you try a Google search to see if it comes up on any other Cooking site?

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We have the Fissler Intensa line of cookware; it's induction ready and works wonderfully.

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Although this thread is a year old, I know the cooking school at Eurostoves- in Maine, uses Fissler cookware. You can find them on the internet and give them a call if you have questions.

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Oh, wow! I have not been here for many months and I am very surprised to find my old thread still alive!

I actually talked to Eurostoves in summer of 2010 when doing my cookware research. They did like Fissler. However (if I remember correctly) the pans have a sandwiched bottom, not clad all around.

Sandwiched-bottom cookware is supposed to be much cheaper than clad but Fissler is almost as expensive as All-Clad and not sold where I live (which makes it harder to return if necessary).

So, taking everything (including price) into consideration, I got All Clad saucepans, a Demeyere frypan, and Lagostina saute pan and pots.

Thank you everyone who responded!

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