Great article on Cookware safety from FDA

ntt_houJuly 29, 2008

I've posted this link at replying to one of the post. But, I thought, it's best to have its own thread to share it with everyone who are shopping for cookware.

Personally, I had ditched all my non-stick coating cookwares and replaced them with Cast Irons (both unglazed and enameled) and tri-ply cookwares.

Have fun shopping!

Here is a link that might be useful: Is That Newfangled Cookware Safe?

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For the record, that FDA article goes back almost 18 years now, and needs some points updated and/or clarified.

Why did you ditch all your non-stick cookware? What did you base your decision on? Was it PFOA, by any chance?

From "Teflon Pan Scare Comes with Sales Pitch":

"What Mercola misses in his rush to indict Teflon, and - funnily enough - sell you his own line of cookware - is that it is impossible to ingest PFOA from Teflon. PFOA is used to bond the Teflon coating to a metal surface, but in the process, which involves extremely high temperatures, virtually all of the PFOA is incinerated. The remainder is not accessible under any normal cooking method - unless you actually ate the pan along with whatever you cooked in it (in which case, PFOA would be the least of your problems).

"All of which is why the Food and Drug Administration and the EPA have said that consumers are just not at risk from using Teflon-coated cookware."

So, as long you treat your non-stick cookware nicely (no metal utensils, no screaming-hot burners, etc.) there is basically no risk, and that is according to numerous sources.

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Just because the article is a bit old (1990), it doesn't always make the material obsolete.

Why I ditched them? For several reasons:

1) If it's in doubt, I don't do it nor use it.
2) I need cookware that abstain high heat. At high heat, the fume of non-stick/teflon becomes toxic. This is the risk. If it can kill a bird, what would it do to me?
3) Why wait to see someone die before acting? A bird should be enough proof.
4) Why keep them, if I don't use them?
5) Why giving or selling them, if I believe it's harmful to others as well.
6) Why using them if there are other alternatives?

Remember... "to each its own". I'm not forcing the issue to anyone, I'm mainly sharing it. There is a difference.

You all chose what works for you and listen to what makes sense to you.

Debate is not and it closes at this end.

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This is not a debate. You chose to start a thread and make statement. I chose to ask you the motivation behind your "ditching" of non-stick cookware.

If you want people to make an informed decision they should know both sides of the story, right?

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I like high heat too which is why I bought my first high qual (Demeyere) ss - which is a complete bear to clean btw special finish and all.
I think being cautious about teflon and lots of other stuff is good/fine. But I don't think there's good data out there anywhere and I really do not trust the FDA AT ALL.

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