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sokelenglJuly 6, 2004

Hi Everyone,

I am going to buy my first non stick grill pan. I checked out ebay UK, a nearly brand new Berndes grill pan is on auction for less than £5(still bidding, final price is yet to confirm). At the same time, there is another retailer put Scanpan grill pan on summer sales too, that is £39.

I had my "try to buy" Scanpan fry pan last week, it is terrific! All the fry pan that I tried before couldnÂt rival with Scanpan qualities. It has a heavy construction base, heat fast, heat evenly and didnÂt create hot spot as I cooked with high heat for about 10 minutes. I put it on test for shallow frying (only put 2 tablespoon of oil) Chinese silken tofu, the tofu were perfectly browned and crispy and it tasted as good as deep frying tofu, plus it didnÂt stick on the pan at all. Tofu is rich protein food, it is very likely cling to base if not enough oil when cooking. The ordinary non stick fry pans that I previously used couldnÂt perform such a beautiful result with this amount of oil. The tofu turned out pale, soggy and partly cooked texture, even though I pan fried it for 20 mins.

I donÂt use grill pan as often as fry pan and sautÂEpan, I may use it once a week the most. That why I donÂt know which one to choose.

Bernes and Scanpan are made from pressure cast aluminium, so hot spot and heat distribution are non issue. The non stick coating for the pan is different. Bernes use Dubont AUTOGRAPH® and Scanpan use ceramic titanium coating. Ironically both of the cookware are only guaranteed for 10 years in contrast to the full life time guarantee in US. Personally I donÂt think AUTOGRAPH® will outlast Scanpan coating mostly because Scanpan has a ceramic titanium layer to protect the non stick properties, but I may be wrong.

Is that worth to spend more $$$ on non primary use cookware?

Any input is highly appreciated.


Food Lover Cambridge, UK

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I've been using a Berndes non-stick pan for several years and I love it. It's used sometimes three times a day and doesn't look so pretty now, but the non-stick finish is still intact and works very well. I've always liked the Berndes cookware. Hope I can find another "second" at TJ Maxx (a discount chain in the US) if and when this pan ever bites the dust.

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Being far from the store I phoned to order a new steak pan using a ceramic hob. A Xmas pressie for me from Santa. A Scanpan 26cm fry pan (stainless steel Fusion 5) duly arrived. It lost its flat bottom during its first ever cooking session - the Boxing Day breakfast. We gingerly cooked bacon, tomatoes, eggs even whitebait - all according to the instructions. So back it went. I used the second one, very gently, very successfully, maybe 3 times -before attempting steak. Last night I used only a moderate, not hot, heat. As with the first pan I gently heated it (empty) and then added a touch of butter then the steak as instructed. We couldn't believe that, again, this new Scanpan, after cooking the steak, is no longer not sitting flat. It tilts back towards the handle - there's almost 2mm of pan bottom not connecting to the hob anymore.

I like the look of these pans and I was going to buy the whole set but now I'm worried about that choice. If a pan can't cook a steak without buckling just what is going on please? I'm definitely no newbie cook (35th WA yesterday). Was the heat too hot? Although it wasn't even half way on.

Fortunately the manager of the kitchen shop said she would not have sold this pan to me at all for a steak. She recommended another sort of Scanpan and will refund completely but I am reluctant (this time the Titanium new Tek one). The steak cooked in the Scanpan was delicious by the way. I have had 2 Le Creuset casseroles for years... my 1970 orange cadmium (!) beauty NZ$28 was resurfaced in '77. It's still perfect - don't know about my brain though ;-) I've been surfing around the web getting more and more confused. All Clad, Tramontina tri-ply, Calphalon Commercial Non Stick, Calphalon One, Scanpan, Le Creuset...this to the amusement of one son who just can't believe how anyone could spend time fiddling round about cookware when at last we have sunshine.

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That is a worry. I have just purchased an induction cooktop and was looking to buy new scanpan fusion 5 cookware. However, if it is behaving like that for you then maybe it is not such a good idea. Is the scanpan steel range better?

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