Silicone Bakeware

deniselJuly 13, 2007

Don't have time to look through the previous posts, and just wondering how many of you are using the silicone bakeware and if you are, how do you like it

Thanks, Denise

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The general consensus has been.."don't like"...doesn't brown, too floppy and doesn't brown...
Linda C

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I have nothing but negative things to say about silicone bakeware. Lindac hit the nails on the head so to speak. Too floppy and nothing browns. To me, the brown part of anything baked is the most tastiest part, but then again I'm one of those people who enjoys nearly burnt toast and feels the edges of brownies, meatloaf, and baked macaroni & cheese are the choicest pieces.

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Well then, kimba, this pan here was made for you!

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Yeah baby! Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

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I've answered this before. Someone gave me the muffin pan--I've tried it and here are my results:

Doesn't brown, doesn't crisp--who wants a muffin with no crust?

Too floppy--and the manufacturer says NOT to put them on a cookie tray when baking. So they're very dangerous to pick up--especially when hot.

They stick--worse than any metal pan I've ever had. BUT the manufacturer recommends NOT ever using any grease or spray on them, and warns that you should never use a knife on them. I lost fully 1/2 of each muffin because they stuck to the pan.

Off Flavor--some people are sensitive to this, some aren't--but some folks find their baked goods have a silicone taste (my muffins had that rubbery taste you get when you lick the rubber scraper after making a cake).

Here's the good news. I found that if I line my silicone muffin cups with muffin papers, I can use them to bake mini-cheesecakes in the microwave (4-5 minutes for 6 mini cheesecakes). So they're not a total loss, I guess.

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mini cheese cakes...mmmmmmm

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I use silicon pans all the time with very good results. I DO put them on a baking sheet and I do spray them with cooking oil spray. They are great for sticky buns and I've had good results with mini muffns and madeleines.

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