AnnT. Food Processor? Kitchenaid, Cuisinart?

aprilquiltsJuly 14, 2006

Hi there, I am considering a purchase of a food processor. I have searched the archives, but I'm still a bit confused as to which brand to get. I know that Ann bought the kitchenaid and considered giving it to her son and keeping the cuisinart.

I can not afford the professional line kitchenaid. I'm looking to spend no more than $200. Which would you recommend? I'm especially interested in knowing about ease of cleaning, and storing, as well as general performance.

Thanks so much!


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April, I don't think that you can go wrong with a Cuisinart or a Kitchenaid. As far as Food Processors go, they both get great reviews. I did end up giving my son the cuisinart and I upgraded to the Kitchenaid Pro line series food processor.

If you are looking for something under $200.00 you might consider buying the Cuisinart that one of our members just bought. Shaun got a very good deal on a Cuisinart from Costco. An 11-cup Stainless steel model.

Shaun has been cooking up a storm with her new toy.

You might want to read both of these threads.

My New Toy

Follow-Up Thread


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Hi, April. I also got the KA FP 770 in the brushed nickel. The 760 is the same, but not in a nickel finish (does come in black and white and maybe other finishes). The 760 can definitely be found for under $200 - probably $160-$180 range if you check amazon, or use coupons for LNT or BBB.

I thought I'd mention that I got my 770 for a very good price of $224 (with free shipping). I know that's over your $200 limit, but I thought I'd mention it in case you liked the nickel finish. Usually I see this for over $250. One day I pulled up a special price at ABT electronics (I did a search on froogle) - when I went to their sight the price was listed as $224 (lower than what froogle said). While that price was no longer in print when I ordered, I called them up and they said they would give me that price. So for you or others who want that brushed nickel, this was the best price I found.

I've only just started using my FP (and can't compare it to a Cuisinart), but i do really like it. Very heavy, but incredibly quiet, and nice, sharp cutting - doesn't pulverize the food.

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