computer won't read install cd

lotodigNovember 12, 2011

HP Pavilion, Vista 64 FF7

I have been working on trying to reinstall my Microsoft wireless keyboard (first installed 2007).

I dropped the keyboard and it quit working, it would not type or do anything....but the mouse stilled worked.

(Right now I am using my wired keyboard and mouse)

First I checked to see if there were any updates for the driver, there were not.

then I unpluged the usb connection for the transmitter and rebooted. Then I un-installed the program (rebooted again) and tried to reinstall from the original cd that came with the keyboard/mouse.

The CD will not open on the computer, the computer opens in the Windows Media Player instead.

My question is this: Is this cd too old (2007) for this version of vista/firefox?

Any suggestions?

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If this is the same version of Vista that has always been on this computer, this should have nothing to do with the CD not working. Firefox version should not affect this either. Try using the Run feature. Start>Run. Actually, I'm not sure you should even need the CD to install your keyboard. Usually the drivers needed are already present. I have another brand of wireless keyboard and mouse, and I did not run the CD to install them.
Sounds as if you damaged something when you dropped the keyboard. Have you checked the batteries?

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grandms, yes, I checked the batteries first thing.

Even if I didn't need the CD to do the installation, shouldn't the computer have opened it and read and installed it.? I can't figure why it's not reading the cd. I had no luck either with the start > run, it went straight to Windows Media Player.

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There was a Windows update recently that when installed modified the auto-run functionality. Did you install that update?


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I did the research and found the update you are talking about, I it KB971029 2/10/11?

If that is the one, yes I did download that update.

Any way to fix this?

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The CD Should open from computer, click start, click Computer, when that opens double click on the CDROM Drive, if it does not open from there then most likely a problem with CD or drive.

If you are on Windows XP or Windows Vista and want to enable AutoRun once again, download this tool available from Microsoft's website. That way the cd will play when you insert it (If the CD is any good) instead of going to computer and double clicking the CDROM Drive

In case you were wondering why, Microsoft decided to disable automatic execution of files via AutoRun or AutoPlay because of malware that has been targeting such methods.

Click the link I provided, then save it to the desktop, once there double click it and RUN it.

Here is a link that might be useful: enable AutoRun

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zep516. thanks, I'm working on the solution you suggested. I'll let you know how it comes out.

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Zep thanks for the link. I had tried over a period of time to download the fix it program but for some reason it would not install...I kept trying without success and then got sidetracked on the the holidays and other family matters.

So this evening I was looking back to see what I had tried in the effort to fix the DVD reader so I could play movies for my little ggranddaughter and I tried again to install the fix it program a lo and behold it installed! I have done a lot of hp updates since then and i think that probably had something to do with it. I tried playing a movie and it worked....thanks again and sorry it took so long to let you know how things worked out

Hopeing everyone has great, warm joyous holidays

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That's great news. I'm so glad it's working for you. I just happened to be browsing and saw your post. I will have limited computer access for quite some time. So will not be around as much.

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