Demeyere worth it?

flsandytoesJuly 24, 2013

I'm switching to induction and need new pans. I'm considering splurging on an 11" Demeyere Proline frypan because of the claim that it heats very evenly on induction by virtue of it's ultra thick aluminum layers.

Is it that much better than other clad stainless pans on induction; enough to warrant the high price?

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I have heard great things about this line. But, I agree the price is high. The best price I have found so far is on Amazon. Please let me know if you find anywhere significantly cheaper and I may give the brand a try myslef.

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere at Amazon

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I've been drooling over those pans, but really can't justify $309 for just one pan. I'm trying, but I just can't get past it. I did purchase one of the Demeyere Industry 5 pans from Sur La Table, and it's terrific. I bought the 3 quart saute. It actually heats much, much more evenly than any other pan that I've tried, so I'm considering a skillet from the same line. The prices are significantly less than the Prolines. I think they're worth looking at if you have a SLT in your area.


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The Zwilling Group owns Demeyere now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Doesn't this look like the Sur La Table version?

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Whoa, Kitchendetective, yes, those do bear a striking similarity to the SLT pans. Right down to the Silvinox finish! The pricing is pretty similar, too. If I can find some to look at, I may have to put those in the running, too.

Thanks for the heads up.


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Thanks to all, your assistance really helps. Except for Kitchendetective, because now I have to consider another pan. I checked out the SLT pans a while back, and they were nice, but didn't rock my boat for some reason. They were sure nice, but didn't excite me. Can't say why, exactly. I think the Henckels pans looks a lot more like Demeyere Atlantis than SLT, right down to those big, fat, loop handles. Definitely worth checking out.

cj47, it's good to see another cook commenting on the even heat of the Demeyere. That's the consistent refrain that sparked my interest. Even heating in a frypan is so critical.

I may shell out the bucks for the Demeyere frypan plus an SLT or LC saucier, then fill in with one or two stainless saucepans from Tramontina, Cuisinox or one of the other less expensive clad lines. My thinking is that I want a great frypan, a really good saucier, and saucepans are saucepans, even heating isn't such a critical issue.

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My thinking is that I want a great frypan, a really good saucier, and saucepans are saucepans, even heating isn't such a critical issue.

This is my thought process as well. I purchased a 12 piece set of Tramontina at Walmart that works very well for the saucepan, 12 qt and 8 qt components. There's a smaller skillet that works well, but their 12 inch is atrociously uneven. For the price, I am not complaining, I'm just buying a better skillet. :-)

I still waver, because that Proline is a pretty piece of kitchen equipment. But with Induction being pretty even heat to begin with, I'm really leaning towards the Industry 5 skillet on the premise that it's going to work as well as the saute pan.

If you get the Proline, I'd appreciate a review. Especially if it's just before Christmas. :-p


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Sorry, Cj, you're on your own before Christmas. I won't be going induction until next year.

I do like the price of the Industry 5 pans, it's a big savings over proline. And given your most excellent review of the sauté pan, well....

Now if SLT were to have a nice big honking sale later this year, that would be another incentive. Or if someone returned a Proline to Amazon and it showed up in their warehouse... Yeah, that'll happen.


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If you're in the market for a saucier, SLT has the Ind5 3.5 qt for $150, vs $200 for the 2 qt.

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I just ordered the 11" Demeyere Proline Fry Pan, so I haven't had a chance to use it, but I found a great deal. It is listed for $199 right now from BB&B, I think in error, and then I used one of their 20% off coupons. So after tax and shipping, it was about $186 for a pan that retails for $270 before tax and shipping.

You need to use one of their email or text message coupons, which link to your phone number, because the coupons they mail to you are only for in-store use. Just sign up on the bottom of their homepage.

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Thanks much, dcr33313!
For anyone who doesn't have an online coupon, you can use an in store coupon, just call the store and order it through them and have it shipped. Or go in, if you prefer--but I just called and the sales clerk entered it right there in the store, and honored my in-store coupon. Just got the confirmation. The total was similar to the total above. Whoot!

Thanks again, I've been wanting one of these forever but just never could bring myself to spend the money. :-)


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I had no idea you could simply order through the store: that is wonderful news. Thank you!


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I received my pan and have had a chance to use it, so thought I'd post back with an update. David, thanks again for the heads up...I'd not have taken the leap had it not been for the stellar price you pointed out. I hope you've received your pan by now and are enjoying it. Anyone else who's still looking--that price remains on BB&B as of this morning, so maybe it's not an error.

For anyone just checking in, it's the 11 inch Proline skillet. This pan has serious heft. It has a helper handle and unless you're built like Ahhnold, you're going to need it. It's very, very thick, and even with my induction, it takes longer to heat up than my other pans. In this manner, it behaves more like my Staub cast iron than my other stainless pans, including the Industry 5 saute from Sur La Table. The heat retention on this is stellar--it heats up evenly across the bottom of the pan and then it stays there. Performance was absolutely perfect, as expected. I was pretty amazed at the difference in heft between this and my 3.5 quart Industry 5 saute of similar size. The I-5 is a nice, heavy pan that heats very evenly--but seriously, the Proline skillet makes the Industry 5 feel light.

But the real question is, does the Proline heat more evenly than the Industry 5? Not significantly, in my opinion. Keep in mind that this is not an apples to apples comparison, since one is a skillet and the other a saute. I am happy with the performance of the Industry 5 saute, and if you asked me if it was worth it to upgrade to the Atlantis, on a strictly utilitarian level, I'd say probably not, especially if you're cooking on induction. That's not to say that this isn't a perfectly gorgeous piece of cookware. It is, and I'm pleased to have it in my collection. At BB&B's price with a coupon, it was about $25 more than it's Industry 5 counterpart and definitely worth it. Were money no object? I'd be thrilled to upgrade it all. :-) But, here in real life, at normal Atlantis/Proline prices, I'd say that for my needs, the Industry 5 is just fine.

One funny thing--I like the Industry 5 shot blasted handles a little better. They provide a firm grip even if your hands are a little damp, as mine frequently are while I'm cooking, and the extra big helper handle, while ugly, is also a good shape for grabbing onto with a hotpad, which is needed if it's been in the oven.


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If the Proline behaves more like Staub, does that mean it also takes longer to cool down in response to lowering the setting on the induction hob? I'm more interested in response time--up and down--than in heating speed.
Thanks for this update!

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Update on ordering from BB&B - If you go to the store to order it, they'll pay shipping to your home. Total price (with coupon) is $150+tax.

cj47, thanks for your review. I've read from other owners that it's less sticky than other stainless steel. What's your experience?

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KoitchenDetective -

Looking at the thickness of the pan, that's a lot of mass, which equals good heat retention, even with much of it aluminum. Check out this video. The info you want is about 4:00 in.

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This is what I suspected. Still, after spending a lot of time trying to get in the teeny space around the rivets under the trademark of a roasting pan, rivet-less pans are looking better and better.

Here is a link that might be useful: See the area around the handle attachment?

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FLsandytoes, I'm not finding that they're that much less sticky than my other stainless pans, but then, I'm heating them up as directed in the Demeyere videos. Interestingly, I was frying potatoes two days this week (unusual for us--we don't fry much, and potatoes aren't a staple). On one night, I was in a hurry and didn't heat the pan properly before frying--the bottom was a real mess at the end, requiring a little Barkeepers Friend, even after "deglazing" the crud with water while the pan was still on the stove. One the other, I took my time and waited till the pan was properly heated--that is, till water danced in little balls over the surface, before adding the oil, and then the potatoes. While there was still some stuff on the bottom, it released easily with a little water. Big difference.

As to response to temperature adjustments, it does take a few seconds longer to respond when I turn the heat down, but not nearly as long as I'd have expected given the mass.

Kitchen Detective, I have the same roasting pan. While it's pretty, and it works on my induction cooktop for gravy, I do hate trying to get around that logo! :-)

Those of you who were able to get BB&B to pay for shipping to your home are lucky--mine won't do that. I've asked on a number of different occasions when something I've wanted was out of stock in store, and whether I'm standing there in the store or calling it in, the answer is always 'no'. I asked this time, too, just to be sure. I'm not really complaining, I was glad to get it at the price I did.


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Removed duplicate post

This post was edited by cj47 on Sat, Sep 14, 13 at 23:15

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My 11" Proline pan arrived yesterday and I finally got a chance to cook with it tonight. I decided to be mean and make fried rice. I never, ever make this in my SS pans, always in my Tramontina aluminum NS pans. But I thought I'd give it a trial by fire, as it were.

I doubled down and used the same amount of oil I'd use in a NS aluminum pan. I was feeling *really* mean.

Is it a good stir fry pan? Hell, no. Predictably, my rice began to break down a little bit because it was sticking as I was stirring it. But great stir fry wasn't the point. It made a perfectly acceptable stir fry.

It surprised me in several ways. First, it showed the Leidenfrost effect much, much faster than my Calph Tri-Ply pans. I figured that with it's fat aluminum layers it would take more time to heat than the much thinner CTP. This is a direct contradiction to Cj's experience, but it should be noted that I'm cooking on a POS builder's grade radiant range and am comparing it to a 3-ply pan.

The second surprise was that it didn't stick the way I expected. Frying rice in minimal oil is not something any SS pan is going to excel at, but this one was passably non-stick, not sticking until the rice went in, then only a bit. Still, if the rice were an egg, I'd have a big mess.

It's third surprise came in the form of clean-up. I deglazed it with water, then let it sit while I ate dinner. I left the sticky bits on the sidewalls as a control. After dinner, I gave the walls a quick pass with my Oxo palm brush and cold water. Everything came right off. A bit of soap and quick rinse later, it was clean.

At 5 pounds, it's heavy. If I find it being used often enough, I may leave it on the cooktop. But still, with the extra loop handle it's easy enough to maneuver. I had no problem putting it in a cupboard tonight. A note on that loop handle - it could be just a bit wider. My hands are narrow for my size (5'9") and it's hard for me to fit 4 fingers around it. Wider would be an improvement. I like the size of it, too. Time will tell, but I think I may no longer need my 10" and 12" pans. This one seems to hit my sweet spot.

So far, I'm really impressed and thinking it's well worth the price I paid. Would I think the same at full price? Maybe, maybe not. $270 is a lot of green. But at this price point, it's a no-brainer.

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Flsandytoes, I had to look up the Leidenfrost effect! That's interesting. After reading about it, I'm interested to know how you perceive that this is happening, and what effect it has on what you're cooking--also, how you get around it. A quick stir would seem like the solution? I read that it's when the pan is heated to past the liquid's boiling point, but the liquid isn't boiling rapidly. Right? Maybe I'm just not watching for it.

Did you preheat it to the point that water forms little balls that skitter across the surface? I found that doing that made a significant difference in stickiness, at least when frying smashed potatoes. When I didn't do it the first time, the difference was dramatic. I'm not sure it'd be such a great stir fry pan, simply due to the mass and that it gets pretty hot on the sides.

I don't think I'd risk an egg in this pan, preheated or not. I think it'd be a big mess. I could be wrong, but time will tell. Eventually my curiosity will get the better of me.

I agree about the loop handle. I like the handle and the loop on the Sur La Table version, even if it's fewer plys of metal in the pan. They are non slip and really large. I also agree that for this price, the pan is well worth it. I can't really say yet whether it would be worth it at full price--probably, but we'll see how I feel in 6 months or so.


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I was looking for a replacement for the greenpan that turned sticky and got the 9in version. This does not have the helper handle and has serious heft. I agree with pp about doing the test on skidding water beads. I heated up the pan and did a cauliflower stirfry with onions and it was brilliant. The most important thing was cleanup. I just scrapped and dropped into my Miele DW and it came out sparkling again. I like the fact that the thickness extends all the way to the edge. We liked it so much that I just sprung for the 2.1qt conical sauteuse for making steelcut oatmeal. We cook it with some milk a few times a week and I would really appreciate the quick cleanup.

My old anolon nouvelle copper lid fits perfectly.

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The Leidenfrost effect is the mercury ball thing, and as you noted, it's very desirable. That's exactly what I waited for prior to adding oil.

I agree that this would not be my first choice for a stir fry pan, but I was surprised at how little sticking there was. The rice only stuck in a few places, and as soon as I added a little bit of liquid (about a teaspoon of fish sauce and a tablespoon of chile sauce), all the rice released well.

When you're ready to fry an egg, give it a quick seasoning first. I keep my 8" SS frypan seasoned at all times. Heat the pan until it's nice and hot. Add about 1/8" oil, any kind with a high smoke point. As soon as you see the very first wisp of smoke, or just before (if you know what that looks like in your pan) take the pan OFF the heat completely. Let it cool, then discard the oil and wipe the pan as dry as you can.

The next time you use it, cook an egg the way you would on a Teflon pan. Be sure to use some oil, though, don't go with the dry fry route. Note that the seasoning will last as long as you're wiping the pan clean. As soon as you use soap, it's gone. But it's SO easy to do, and never fails.

If I could only have one frypan, this would be the one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seasoning Stainless Steel Pans

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Thanks for your review of the conical sauteuse. I've tested the 3 quart Industry 5 sauteuse and really liked it, but did have to return it. It was just too big for my needs, but I've been eyeing the 2.1 quart size. As Cj noted, the I5 shot-blasted long handles and large loop handles are really nice.

It's great that the 9" frypan worked for your stir fry. I do think it was just the very starchy rice that caused sticking in mine. The aromatics and veggies were fine. I should have been more specific and said that I wouldn't recommend it for fried rice. I wonder how it would handle beef or chicken in a stir fry. Have you tried it?

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I'm curious as to whether anyone has cooked with the Demeyere Controlinduc pans with non-stick coating. What do you think of the cooking experience? Does coating last, if treated properly?

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere nonstick

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For those of you who posted about purchasing at Bed, Bath and Beyond and had to go into the store to place your order so that you could use the coupon - there's a way around that.

You can order online or by phone and pay the quoted price. But if you take your receipt into the store they will credit you the 20% off.

I've ordered a lot of china from them and I always take the receipt and my coupons into the store and get my 20% off credited back to my credit card.

If you purchase an item in the store without a coupon you can go back with your coupon and they'll credit the 20%.

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We were promised by a sales associate at BB&B that your method would work, back when we moved into this house and purchased a lot of things for the house. BB&B did not honor that agreement. I would advise against trusting that all BB&B stores would do what you recommend. I have also had some fail to honor out-of-date 20% off coupons.

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My local BB&B will honor out-of-date newspaper coupons, but not email/text ones that we print at home. They did give us a transition period this summer, but now won't take the expired print-at-home ones at all.

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