Does anyone have a cast iron Chicken Fryer? Question

dnaleri2July 4, 2005

I am wondering if anyone here has a cast iron chicken fryer. I like to fry chicken in a cast iron pan but it is so messy with all the grease splatters. I bought a splatter screen but it is a hassle to use. I was wondering if I bought a chicken fryer if the grease would not splatter as much since the pan is deeper. I thought maybe someone here could tell me how well they like their chicken fryer as opposed to their regular frying pan. Thank you.

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I have never heard of a "chicken fryer" - but I agree with you about the cast iron. Below is a link to a enameled cast iron pan (w lid) from Le Creuset that I use for frying, though I have never tried frying chicken in it. We do Latkas (potato cakes) and various vegeterian types of patties/burgers in it. What I like about it are the high sides -- much higher than a traditional skillet, so perhaps this might help, if all you are using is a traditional cast iron skillet with the lower sides. Just a thought. Also, I have seen some electric skillets that have pretty high sides to them and have used these in the distant past for frying chicken. See link below:

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My cast iron chicken fryer has a heavy case iron domed lid. Believe me, grease doesn't get through it. You do need to turn down the heat with the lid on, or it will cook too fast.

I don't see how your splatter screen is a "hassle to use." Most of those I've seen simply rest by gravity atop the skillet. I haven't seen the new digital ones though.

As I rule, I just get the chicken golden brown on the stovetop, pour off most of the grease, then finish it off in the oven with the lid still on. Extra crispy chicken that everyone loves.

I always buy old cast iron at the flea market myself. Cheap, and often made better than modern cast iron. I think I paid about $3 for my chicken fryer, well worth it.

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What I mean by a "hassle to use" is I have to put it on and then take it off when I want to turn the chicken over or check on it. The way I fry chicken is I don't use the cover at all. I guess I "deep fry" more in a way than just fry. I am sure the way I fry chicken you could NOT use a cover. I was just looking for a way to fry without so much splattering. With the splatter screen I have to remove and place it somewhere in my small kitchen and then put it back on. I was just wondering if the deeper chicken fryer pan would keep the splattering down somewhat more since the pan is deeper. Is that true?

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It will probably make a minor difference, yes.

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FWIW I use a cast iron dutch oven (AKA my jambalaya pot)to fry chicken in & it works wonderfully. No splatter & a nice heavy lid.


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If your cast iron pan is shallow (2 1/2"- 3"-H) The amount of oil used will vary,for the amount of chicken frying in the same pan,of course if using this type of cast iron pan the chicken isn't submerged were by the oil is not covering the entire pieces being fried,(never over crowd the pan)using high heat.Oppose to medium heat usually end results are more splatter,more saturation of oil, and the end results,half cooked or oily greasy chicken. Yuck!! Presentation is the utmost of importance when placed before your eyes.Food should looks so good you almost don't want to eat it however it looks so good it makes your mouth water,from smell&eye appeal.The Art to frying takes skill,and a little common approach.My suggestion, invest in a fryer with at lease 4" or more inches in height,(side dimension)usually breast is the biggest part of the chicken(my favorite)boneless&skinless, which takes a little more depth (covering)while frying,as to ex : wings,legs or thighs so a deeper pan IMO is required. anyway,if you don't like the style or you don't have space (stove top) for a Dutch Oven style, I would look to a 11 1/2" by 4" cast fry pan, w/ iron Lid (splatter screens eventually are hard to clean,unless you use Easy off after each use, OIL buildup is inevitable if you fry a lot (more then just chicken) ex: seafood.I enjoy batter fried (fresh) Oysters. Oh one more thing cooking requires the use of both hands(ambidextrous in the Kitchen is almost a must if, your blessed with both extremities use them) an turning chicken is easier with less splatter in a deep pan as to using a shallow pan. Its an old tradition just takes a little old fashion way of thinking an using the right tools(whichever works)for you in the application.Good luck and eat well.

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Lodge makes a couple of fryers. I have a Lodge Combo Cooker that is a pretty good fryer but might not be deep enough for you. I keep a 3 burner CampChef propane stove on the back deack year round and we do all our frying and griddle cooking outside.

Here is a link that might be useful: fryers

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