Best Manicotti Tray?

gorilla_xJuly 4, 2007

I currently use a Mario Batali (porcelain enamel over cast-iron) lanagna tray. It's 13 x 9 x 3. Had two layers of manicotti, and still had more room for a thrid layer.

Problem is, the lowest layer flattend a little bit, as to be expected. Not a lot. So then I began to wonder if it'll be better to use a large sheet for 1 single layer.

Any ideas?


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I'd rather use a couple of large pyrex glass baking dishes. For the price of that Mario number, you can buy a bunch of Pyrex baking dishes!

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Thanks fairegold... but I had the Batali pan mainly for lasanga already, and tried it for manicotti. I suppose I could try several pyrex casserole trays, and single layer the manicotti.


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Hmmmmmm? I've never even thought of making manicotti in more than one layer. On the face of it, I would think that top layers would crush bottom layers. And proportionately, doesn't it take far too much sauce?

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My parents and relatives always did 2 layers... probably because we are a big family and oven space was limited. Don't know it more sauce is needed with 2 layers.


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If I had one of those Batali cast iron porcelain baking dishes, I wouldn't care if the bottom layer of manicotti was a little flat!
Never had a single layer manacotti....
I would think 2 layers would need less sauce....but is more sauce a BAD thing?
I love that Mario Batali pan! Gave one to my son and his wife! Maybe should have kept it....
Linda C

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I've been planning on making manicotti for tonight's (Sunday) dinner for a week now, and did not want to double stack them... still did not buy a manicotti tray before today.

So today I went to Target and picked up two 9 x 13 stoneware lasanga trays (over 3" deep) for $12.99 each... it's the Bialetti brand. They look very nice (similar color as my Batali espresso lasanga pan), and I am guessing that they'll perform well too.

I had an assortment of pyrex/corningware on hand, but preferred two identical trays (in terms of material). I figure for $26 total, they're a good deal.

And at 3"+ deep, they are suitable for lasanga... so while I love my Batali pan, I am wondering if the $80 cost was worth it... oh well!


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