Do I REALLY need a new Bosch Dishwasher

BerlinGirlNovember 19, 2012

Doing a Kitchen renovation now...and was asked if I am using my old appliances. I said they are practically new...LOL, well, maybe not BRAND new...they are eight years old. I have a Bosch right now that I love, however its Eight years this month. I thought it was "younger' than that. So, Wondering what the life span is of these appliances is?. Granite won't be laid for a while, need to have a dishwasher in by them. Any thoughts or recommendtions. I never thought of buying a new one, but with the sales running now might be the time...Thanks in advance. What are some of the new changes?

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If you're happy with the DW, then keep it - a new one may actually be worse and less reliable. A DW is something that can easily be replaced later, if necessary.

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Like you, I was urged to replace my DW when the kitchen was remodelled. I resisted - it was a 6 yr old Bosch, working perfectly. It's now 4 years later, and the thing still works like a charm. My theory was that dishwashers have standard dimensions, so it could be replaced as and when necessary without having to make any alterations in the kitchen, whereas an oven or fridge might be more difficult. I could see no reason to replace a perfectly functioning appliance, and clearly I made the right decision.

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