Best cookware from various sets (All Clad/Le Creuset/Lodge

Mary_1021July 8, 2012


I am new to this posting so sorry if it is done incorrectly.. I had to join after seeing one of another members posts.

I am getting married and am looking for items to start my collection (I currently have a cheap cookware set that is slowly falling apart)

Currently we have electric oven (since we are renting) but once we buy a house we will most likely be getting induction. For that reason I wanted to get the All Clad Stainless Steel (I do not like any of the "sets" though because they do not have half of the things that I want and/or have things that I find useless). I am also dying to purchase Le Creuset cookware. As I was searching for the perfect items I decided to split the items and possibly get some all clad/some le creuset/and lodge.

I was wondering what some of your favorite items from some of these collections were that you get the most use out of?

or... you are more than welcome to tell me what not to get from the collections, and even offer suggestions on other ideas!

As of now I am looking at

Fry Pans and sauce pans from All Clad (12"/8" fry pans) (3 1/2 quart saucepan)

7.5 Le Creuset French Oven (oval)

Lodge- 10" cast iron skillet


Are there any additional pieces that you feel are essential? (I should also add that I am a young cook just starting out but experiment with everything). I have an enormous family and want to be able to cook for them when they come over as well.

I was having trouble deciding what other All Clad pieces would be helpful without canceling them out with the previous pieces that I was looking at. I know that all the pieces will have different purposes and features to them but since they are expensive, I am trying to get the most for my money and for what I need now. I can always add on later.

Thank you very much for your help! I have seen posts/replies from other people on this site and everyone seems very helpful!

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I am sure I will get the question of it all depends on what you cook... So I should probably add that.


We eat a lot of meats (chicken/steaks/ribs/pork)


We make pasta and sauces as well (even though its only two of us now we cook it for more and make the leftovers)

I currently do not make many soups or stews but I would like to experiment more with it... probably not a priority now.

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Be sure to check out the Cooking forum, too. That's a very active forum, and you may get more responses there.

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Thanks for the advice!

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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. And how smart you are making this inquiry!

You can't go wrong with All-Clad, but it's very pricey. IMHO, it's not worth the money. You can't go wrong with the private brands from either Costco or Sam's Club. My Sam's club set is tri-ply and does a beautiful job with whatever I'm cooking. The Costco set has a 5-ply bottome, but it doesn't go up the sides. Regardless, it has wonderful reviews. Go see the sets for yourself, paying particular attention to the weight and balance of the pans.

Check out the prices for Le Creuset on Amazon. I have the 5- and 7 1/2 quart round Dutch ovens. (If I were to purchase them now, I would opt for the oval shape. It's more versatile.) Keep the heat down on the stove top and they'll serve you well for the rest of your life.

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Another suggestion on the LeCreuset is to check if one of their outlet stores is close by. Huge savings on close out items & overruns & even more on the seconds. I saved about $75 on a large oval French oven - & it wasn't even a second.

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