Two new double-oven induction ranges: Maytag v Whirlpool?

MizLizzieNovember 3, 2013

Helping my sister shop for an induction range and she wants a double oven if possible. I see two new ones have come on the market. (See link.) I prefer the looks of the Whirlpool. In comparing them, I see little difference. I know they are owned by the same mfg and I wonder if these are the same ranges in different skins. Could that be right?

If not, are there any quality differences between Whirl and Maytag?

Many thanks for any insight.

Here is a link that might be useful: AJM comparison link

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Same same.

There are plenty of cooktops that will use all of a 50 amp circuit's juice. Then another 40 amp circuit for a wall oven. You don't see any ranges using 100 amp circuits. With only a single 40 or 50 amp circuit to use, a range has to rob Peter to pay Paul from something. Any induction range that has two ovens does so at a detriment to the cooktop portion.

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Did your sister make a choice on the double oven? I'm leaning toward the Maytag just because I know someone who is pleased with theirs.

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She did. She went with the Whirlpool and she loves it.

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Thanks! Our Lowe's has the Whirlpool in stock, so I've actually seen it; good to get a positive review on it. I really appreciate your feedback.

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I think you'd be pleased. I've used the cooktop on hers and it is awesome. She bakes a lot. She cooks a lot. Her whole family cooks. Constantly. It's like a religion for them. Everyone loves the Whirlpool. It hums a bit more loudly than my Bosch cooktop, which barely makes a sound. But it is only a hum and last time I asked her about it, she gave me a blank look. She had ceased to notice it. But I think the two ranges are about the same -- go to AJMadison and download the manuals for both and you'll see what I mean -- so you should choose based on looks and price, I think. I am just glad to see good induction ranges at this price point.

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I've heard about the humming issue but it seems both brands have it. Like your sister, most people said they got used to it.

The last time I looked, Lowe's had them priced the same. I'll check around since Lowe's (the only place near me) will price match.

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