Kitchenaid K45SS � Major Restoration � SOS!

JackHuntsvilleJuly 14, 2011

I know this is a long shot, but I'm hoping somebody out there can help.

The good: a friend gave me an old Kitchenaid K45SS he found in a shed on his Mom's property.

The bad: The shed had been infested with bees, whose honey attraced roaches, who then proceeded to colonize the motor/housing of the mixer. :(

About the mixer: The motor still runs but makes a 'funny smell', probably due to crud built up on the brush/motor.

My question: Has anyone out there ever cleaned such a mess up before? Any advice? Is this involved a cleaning even possible? Is it beyond saving? I'd like to clean the heck out of this thing and make it work again. It was made back when Hobart still owned Kitchenaid and I'd hate to just throw it away. My time and labor are no issue. Aside from the filth, it's in pretty good mechanical order from what I've seen..

Thanks for any advice.

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Definately clean it up. Many, many Hobart built KA mixers are still around and running well. Enjoy the process you will have a great machine once done.

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If you're mechanically inclined and have a few tools, pretty sure you can google and print out DETAILED instructions on how to refurbish a KA stand mixer.

I snoozed and lost on a great deal at a thrift store... and have been kicking myself ever since. There was a restaurant model (don't know model number) for something like $20. Big, crank-up bowl, whisk/paddle/hood. I lugged it to an outlet and quickly turned off/on. Was getting ready to haul it to check-out when another shopper tapped me on the shoulder to tell me it only ran for about 3-4 seconds and then would stop?? The VERY brief time I ran the thing, heard nothing strange, but sure enough... it cut off after 5 seconds max. And no strange sound when it did quit. I decided to pass on it. Once home got thinking... maybe only a little $$ to fix and according to KA website, it cost something like $400 new. Of course, when I went back... POOF! It was gone!

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