15 1/4'' and 17'' Lodge skillets on gas rangetop

rhome410July 24, 2007

I am gas-dumb and also cast iron-dumb. It seems, though, that I will soon (hopefully) be in a kitchen with a propane-fueled rangetop, and would also like to get some cast iron cookware. I am intrigued by the Lodge Logic 15 1/4" frying pan, and also noted they have a 17". I have a big family to cook for, so I'd imagine we may be able to fill these pans...But, I wonder how you cook in a 15-17" round pan on a 12" square burner? Does the gas heat reach further than it does on electric so it can handle larger pans? Would you have to span 2 burners somehow? Does the cast iron just heat differently so can get hot even if it's not directly over the flame?

BTW, I'm looking at BlueStar, Wolf, and Capital Precision rangetops, so, in general, shouldn't be short on firepower.


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You don't size pans to gas burners like you have to with electric. Set any size pan on a burner and adjust the flame to low, high or anywhere in between. It may take you a couple weeks to get used to gas but once you do, you will never go back. Gas is 100% adjustable instantly. No waiting while the burner heats and and when you turn the burner off it is instant. Also much easier to adjust the heat as things simmer on the stovetop. (When using a small pan you obviously wouldn't turn the burner up so high the flame was wider than your pan bottom.) Your cast iron pans will work great.

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Thanks. ;-) I have been a little sad at having to give up on having induction. Besides all the plusses, I thought it'd be an easier/faster learning curve coming from electric experience. But I am also excited to try something new and find out the joy of cooking on gas that everyone raves about. Thanks again for the encouragement and info.

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You may find the 17 incher a bit oversized, on various levels.

That aside, cast iron, particularly oversized pieces, should be preheated on low heat. Once the metal has heated up, you can then use the gas at whatever output you want---keeping in mind that you rarely need to cook higher than medium with either cast iron or stainless.

With the larger sized pans, it's sometimes easier to preheat by putting the pan in the oven, at 250 degrees. That will evenly heat the entire pan.

You will find, too, that cooking on gas is a much nicer experience than electric. Among other things: no need to constantly shift pots and pans so that you can quickly heat up or cool down the cooking surface.

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Thanks for the tips, gardenlad!

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We have the Lodge Logic 15" skillet, & DH loves it for bacon & all large cooking jobs. We have a DCS all gas range, with 6 burners each 11" square. The 15" overlaps the adjacent burner, but that's OK.

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Ive been cooking with Cast Iron for over 30 years and I just throw them on the gas stove and cook. No fuss no bother. I have all kinds, different sizes and shapes.

To clean, wipe them with a paper towel while they are hot. If anything sticks put them under a hot water faucet while the pan is hot and use something like a chore boy.
(Nothing Plastic). Put them back onto the burner to make sure all the water is evaporated and while hot, oil the pan to prevent rusting.
Hope you get as much satisfaction with your pans as I have mine.

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