Calphalon Stainless Tri-Ply vs. All-Clad

twotzusJuly 22, 2006

Our kitchen remodel is nearly complete and I am planning on purchasing new cookware. I had made up my mind that I wanted All-Clad, but I was looking at the Calphalon tri-ply stainless steel, and it looks nice and I believe it is clad up the sides like the All-Clad, and it's more reasonable. Also, I have a few pieces of the OLD Calphalon from 20+ years ago that I love and will keep, so hopefully it is still quality cookware. The reason I had originally decided on the All-Clad is because some of my neighbors have it, and of course it is pretty. (Keep up with the Joneses) BUT, I also have one neighbor who owns a fine restaurant. He has a couple of pieces of AC, but told me he prefers Calphalon to the AC. He also has quite a bit of commercial ware that he uses at home on a dail basis, since he likes to cook. Another neighbor is a gourmet cook and a trained chef but he doesn't own any All-Clad because (he told me) he is to cheap to spend the money. I don't know what he cooks with, it looks like odds and ends when we go over there, and whatever he uses, it is always delicious. I am thinking it might be silly to spend the $$ on a set of AC, when the Calphalon Stainless Tri-ply will serve my abilities fine. Is this a good set? How does it compare to the All Clad? It has glass lids, and I'm not sure I like that but the rims are flared (which I like) whereas some of the All Clad sauce pans do not have the flared rims. Any advice given is much appreciated. Thanks!


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The main difference between them is that the All-Clad stainless is induction capable where the Calphalon stainless is not. I believe the Calphalon tri-ply is also discontinued and replaced by the Contemporary line which seems lighter. You can probably get some good deals on it. I'm not a fan of glass lids though. I would also look at the Cuisinart Multiclad line. That's also tri-ply but also not induction capable. I think that's really an important feature as that method of cooking will grow in popularity.

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I ws told about 4 yrs ago that the difference is the Calph. clad is only clad part way up the sides. I do own and love some All Clad pieces but honestly there are a lot of things that you do not need the clad all the way up the sides. It is good to have for stews, soups and the like but for saute, fry, quick veggies it doesn't matter.

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I have Calphalon Tri-Ply for about a year and a half. I love it. I like the glass lids, don't have to lift it to see what is going on. I have dropped several lids and they have not broken. After I bought the Tri-ply I wondered how I cooked the the carppy stuff I had before.

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I have several pieces of the Calphalon and LOVE them! When I was first looking into which I wanted, I did the research and from what I remember, the Calphalon tri is designed the same way with the aluminum core up the entire side. Regardless, what I found most important was the FEEL OF THE HANDLES!!! I HATED how the AC felt! Go to the store and try lifting a big fry or saute pan as you would when cooking and see how the placement of your fingers would be and how they feel... I found a tremendous difference!!

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Take a look at the Kitchenaid SS sets - I have some of every brand of cookware imaginable, and 90% of my stuff is the hi end Kitchenaid. I LOVE the stuff. Here is a link to a set on Amazon......( - I don not know how to hotlink it, but check it out!!!

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Take a look at Henckel's Classic Clad SS. I don't have a set, but I do have their 5 quart saute casserole (two helper handles), and I cannot say enough good things about the quality, construction, and design: I have an embarrassingly large amount of cookware, but this is just about my favorite. has a couple sets available.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henckel sets

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Thank you all for your input. I ended up purchasing the Calphalon tri ply SS set. Ufortunately my kitchen isn't complete and in working order yet, so I haven't been able to try them out. :(


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Calphalon Tri Ply is not discontinued and I think will be the set that I end up buying. It's great. The AC handle issue is just ridiculous, the handles actually hurt to hold and don't feel steady when gripping a larger pan. I saw a friends 20 year old AC set and the handles were so similar that I think that AC has decided to keep their handle the way it is in spite of criticism. Also, AC handles are extremely long and as straigth as a stick, so how do you store these besides hanging them from a rack? Which I don't have in my kitchen!

Many thanks to this forum for unbiased opinions about cookware.

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I only have one piece of stainless cookware, a Calphalon TriPly 10" omelette pan, and I like it a look. I tested the different brands at the store, and like cupofkindness was shocked by how uncomfortable the AC handles were. I'd love another piece of TriPly, but they don't make what I want (a 4-qt. chef's pan or 11" deep skillet)!

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I have a four quart tri ply "Every Day" pan that was $59.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond (less 20% which makes it about $54). I haven't used it yet, but it's very cool, has two "loop" handles rather than one long stick handle and a helper handle. It's also on Amazon.

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Cupofkindness, on another one of these threads, I asked about that pan. It seems odd to me to NOT have the long handle - how do you maneuver the pan without it? (Oh, and 20% off of $60 is $48, not $54!)

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If you're not going to toss your food with your wrist, I see no reason for the long handle. It takes up space on the cooktop, is a hazard if someone brushes past the stove and catches the handle, and it makes the pan harder to store. It also fits in the oven better, and makes a nice serving piece with loop handles. As far as I can see it's a win win situation over the long handle.

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