Marble pastry board

williamnotbillJuly 24, 2005

I'm looking for a marble pastry board 22.5-23.5" x 18" for a kitchen island I'm making. Only two I've found in that range are from SCI, which is 24" long (too big) and Williams-Sonoma, which is 23.5"x16" (too expensive @ $169 and a little short). I need the 22.5-23.5 dimension so that I can put a border/ledge around it that matches the standard 24" wide maple cutting blocks.

If this size is not available, is there anything (other than a maple board) that is a good substitute for the marble?

Thanks for your help.


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Go to a place that sells stone and granite and have one cut to order. Or go to your tile place and buy marble tiles....they are ground to fit together very tightly, or get a piece of granite cut.
Linda C

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Also, check this Google search on "marble pastry board." There are a bunch there, and maybe one will be the right size and price. They all seem to be much less than Williams Sonoma, which is usually the case.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search

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The stone and granite places usually have extra end pieces left over from their countertop orders. Try to find out if they just throw these out. If so, you could probably either get one for free or real cheap.

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Thanks for the advice, I will check around to see if we have any local stone fabricators.

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