Report on the Piranha Peeler

danab_z9_laJune 5, 2009

I can assure you this is not SPAM.............just a friendly tip on a new cookware item find.

I recently purchased a "Piranha Peeler" made by Kuhn Rikon. It was claimed to peel peppers, peaches, and tomatoes without blanching. It looks like a regular potato peeler but it has serrated teeth for keeping the blade from slipping off smooth skins.

Well this new type peeler worked so well that I when back to Marshall's and purchased them for family and friends. It really does peel peppers, peaches, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes like a dream. Try it and you will be amazed how easy it peels those fruit and vegetables. It also produces thin slices really fast.


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Thanks for the heads up, Dan. I have a couple of Kuhn Rikon gadgets, as well as a pressure cooker; they're good items.

BTW, not meaning to hijack the thread, but I took your advice on cast iron: used a Norton Rapid Strip wheel to smooth off the cooking surfaces of some new Lodge items. Got them to nearly a mirror finish. Used some grapeseed oil to season, and brought it to near the smoke point (couldn't do it in the oven: bringing it to 550 didn't do anything but make a sticky layer). Put it in the gas grill outdoors, and it made a slick and tough layer, nearly nonstick by itself but with a little grease when cooking it's really slick, and as dark black as obsidian. And you're right: the slickness DOES make a difference in the cooking. Seared a couple of pieces of beef filet--nice crust formation.

You da man, Dan!!

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