glass-canopy recirculating range hood ?s

yeboNovember 3, 2011

-Opinions about capture with the glass canopies, which look flat, particularly whether it matters since I must use recirculating?

-And doees the glass look all spattered with grease and steam from the get go?

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Won't matter. The performance when recirculating is flat also.

You will see grease collect fairly soon. Very easy to clean.

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The glass will look frosted in a very short amount of time

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re: frosting, does it look bad, or just like frosted glass :)?

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Fori is not pleased

I don't understand how it can't work WHILE collecting grease which means it's working. :)

People here are pretty sour on recirculating hoods so I suspect all you'll get is negative responses. Maybe repost without mentioning the recirc aspect.

If you cook greasy stuff and it works, it'll get greasy. I had a pullout hood with a glass visor and it didn't get too bad, but it wasn't highly visible either. With the glass ones that are open to the world, I'd worry more about dust. But that's because I'm short.

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Excellent point, fori. As I see it, whether the hood discharges outdoors or back into the room should have no bearing on the amount of grease collected on the hood itself.

My guess is you'll be cleaning it a lot (daily?) but on the upside I'd suspect that the glass hood has nice clean lines and as such would be relatively easy to clean.

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I've had my GE monogram hood with glass canopy for almost three years. It is vented outside. A lot depends on what you cook. If you do stir fry or such, the glass and mesh filter will get greasy, whether it is vented out or recirculating. Cleanup is easy though. I typically use hot water and a microfiber cloth to clean underside and top. Dust does collect on the top side of the glass, but that is an easy wipe down every few days in my house. This style of range hood requires a bit more upkeep than others. They are very pretty and sleek looking though. What kind of range or cooktop will you have? Try to find a hood that is deep enough so that the exhaust part covers at least part of the front burners.

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I'm getting a BS RCS 30" (the less-high BTU one) and I don't do wok-type cooking. I have now a real restaurant range - totally against code and totally unvented/hooded - the work of the prior owners. The restaurant range has made me very used to cooking with hot burners.
I plan to get a 36" hood. External venting is not permitted.

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I wouldn't waste my money on one. If you don't need the hood now you won't need one with the new stove. Had a 600cfm Zephyr - the only thing it did really well was make noise, it would barely suck steam. Complete waste of cash. Been there, done that, have the bill.

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Jean Bo

Bump... anyone else with glass hood experience? What model did you use? How many CFM's? Does the glass clean up well with glass cleaner?

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Mesh filters can capture the larger grease particles, assuming that the filters are clean enough to let air pass through them. Odor and smaller particles would require successive stages of filters, not usually present in these designs.

Organic grease has a tendency to oxidize (go rancid) with time (and heat), and will tend to harden into a more difficult to remove coating. To stay out of the pre-varnish state, cleaning needs to be performed often, perhaps more often than weekly, independent of how ugly the glass gets.

Perhaps the OP can download the user manual to see what the recommended cleaning solvent is.


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Fori is not pleased

Windex is pretty good on greasy hoods, whether glass or stainless steel (mine was both).

Maybe I have a bad attitude, but if I need to clean an appliance (or countertop) (or anything) with something special, I won't. I'd rather destroy it with common cleaners and replace it with something practical.

So far I haven't had to replace anything...not from cleaning, anyway.

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