All the way from California

lindainctOctober 19, 2006

Finally back to the computer to tell you about the great items that Lars sent to me.

First, A big jar of Lars Fig Jam. Yum, lucky Lars not only has his own fig tree but lemons and oranges growing in his back yard as well. As you may know, I make lots of different kinds of jam and jelly for our church fair but I don't have access to any locally grown figs and I am never sure what type to buy in the supermarket so this is one I have never made. I am very envious of being able to go in the yard and pick fruit off the tree.

Next, A beautiful vase in shades of blues and purple made by a women in Lars' area. It goes perfectly in my home. I hope Lars took a picture to post since I am still challenged in that area.

Lastly, A cookbook from a restaurant called Rockenwagner and I have been enjoying reading it. It is one of my favorite kinds of cookbooks - it has little informational notes at the beginning of each recipe. As soon as I pick a recipe to try I will post it.

Thanks so much, Lars, for a wonderful swap package. Now, I have to get busy and finish up my own.


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Linda, All super gifts. I hope we get to see pics when Lars gets back.

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Linda, I'm sure that Lars Fig Jam will be a big hit. I've never had fig jam so please report back :-) From what you have described, the vase sounds beautiful and I hope that Lars can post a picture. Enjoy your cookbook, and I look forward to seeing which recipe you post.

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Wow! That's what I call a great swap package! I hope that Lars can post a picture also.

I'm curious about the fig jam. The closest I've come to a fig is a Fig Newton. :~) Very generous of you, Lars, to share your harvest.

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Oh another great package. Looks like a very interesting cookbook and I love the colour of the vase.

And you don't have to wait until Lars gets back because he sent me the photos to post for him.

Lars' Fig Jam

Röckenwagner cookbook



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Ann.. how great you had the photos! they speak volumes..
You will love the jam..we had some tonight on Ann's bread:)

I love the idea of cookbooks..

And the vase is just beautiful.
Do you have Monkshood in your garden Linda? It would look gorgeous in it!

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Ohhh, my! Lovely vase Lars picked out for you, Linda! Great looking cookbook too. The homemade jam rounds out the trio nicely - love the label, Lars.

Very thoughtful of Lars to forward pictures to Ann! Thanks, Ann!


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I love the label on the jam, it is so Lars. That is a great package, a beautiful vase and the cover of the cookbook is also great. Glad we did not have to wait for photos, Lars is so thoughtful!!


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I love this! The fig jam looks fab and the label is great!

Linda, make that! make that! I don't know what it is but it looks delicious. So does Rockenwagner have the biggest...ummm...uhhh...paper mache asparagus spear you ever saw?:O!

The vase is pretty and unique. What a great package!

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What a fabulous package. Those pictures look good enough to eat - both the fig jam and the recipe from that cookbook. What other kind of recipes are in that book? It looks good. And the vase is beautiful - what gorgeous shades of blue.


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What nice gifts! The vase is beautiful, the cookbook looks great - just looking at that picture makes me hungry, and the jam will be very special indeed. I, too, love the label. Good job, Lars. Congrats, Linda!


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The label jumped out at me too, it's great! And what a nice volume of jam inside!

The vase has some very interesting shades of colours, I think it's quite beautiful.

And the cover of the cookbook looks like it'll have some interesting recipes!

Nice job Lars! Enjoy Linda!


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Wow, what a beautiful vase, i love the colors! And i'm jealous of the fig jam. The cookbook looks intriguing--what a great set of items!

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Oooh - FIGS! They were in the box that I sent yesterday, too. That's the nice thing about this place - is that most of you have sophisticated palates and can appreciate the lovely fig.

That cookbook looks very cool!

Now that vase... THAT VASE! It's GORGEOUS! It really would go PERFECTLY in my house. Linda, check the box - - did it have the wrong address on it? Hmmm? Was Colorado crossed out or sumthin'? I'll bet it was...

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No, I think it was supposed to go to Texas, I really, really think it was!!!

The jam looks good, so does the cookbook, but the vase is so pretty.

Lars, you did good!

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Wow, what an awesome package. I love blue, so naturally love the vase. And the cookbook looks right up my alley - great photo. The fig jams sounds great too.

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Oh, I love figs. I'd hide the jar & ration in out one spoonfull at a time!

The picture of the German pancake with creme fraiche is making me hungry it looks so beautiful. Let us know what you decide to make first.

And the beautiful and, yes, monkshood would be perfect and I'd add a few stems of heliopsis. It's also dynamic enough on it's own to just use as a sculptural piece on an entryway table, or such. Just georgous.

Great job, Lars. Lucky you, Linda...enjoy!


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Oh I just love that vase the colours are lovely as is the shape. Great choice. The cookbook looks great too and of course who wouldn't be thrilled with fig jam!

Great parcel!

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Fig jammmm..... mmmm... I planted a fig tree in my back yard a few years ago, no fruit yet but I'm hoping for the future!! Cookbook looks great! Vase - beautiful. I'm lovin all these swap packages. I have to say the three-item limit is inspired. This is so much fun!

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Rockenwagner has a cookbook??? I love Rockenwagner! It's a great restaurant. Nice package, Linda! Lars put together a good one for you. I'd love to get my hands on that cookbook!

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I tried a fresh fig for the first time this summer ata brunch. MMMMM. I bet I would love that jam!

Beautiful vase, and I noticed Rockenwagner's big "spear", too! LOL


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Lars can always be counted for something special, right down to the label on the Fabulous Fig Jam.

I'd like to try that recipe in the picture. Very nice swap package.


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mmmmmm!!! how fabulous! All of it looks so good. The vase is truly beautiful! And I'm so impressed that Lars got this out the door BEFORE he left for vacation.

You are indeed a lucky partner!


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WOW, WOW and WOW..that vase is amazing!

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I have to admit I've never had figs before but, the jam looks wonderful. Lars did an amazing job. The vase would look perfect in my house too.

Enjoy that fig jam Linda and remember you don't have to share.


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That jam is beautiful!! I have never tried figs, except it Newtons and I am guessing that isn't a true test for figs.

The vase, too, is beautiful. You will have to find a very special place to display that.

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I also love the colors in that vase, it's so cool and restful.

I just had my first taste of fig preserves this week, some of Jessica's, and they were wonderful so I'm sure Linda will enjoy the ones that Lars sent. I'm another person who had only tasted fig newtons until this week, LOL.

What a delicious package. Enjoy.


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Lars -- You done good! Everything is beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured (or eaten). Adele

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Gorgeous vase!!! Lars did a really great job. I hope you enjoy all your stuff, Linda.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

The vase is beautiful! What a great package Lars sent! Enjoy, Linda. Lars, what really nice gifts!

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Looks like figs are the official swap fruit this time around.

Maggie, you nailed it, uh, on the head of the asparagus spear. Yeah.

How about Rockenwagner for the next LA get-together.

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Lars, that is a lovely gift, the vase is really beautiful, I have some store bought fig jam that now I can not even bother to open after seeing yours! The book looks like it has gorgeous pix. Enjoy Linda

LOL Linda and Maggie...I noticed the spear too!


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Excellent package from Lars! Fig jam with lemon and orange...sounds heavenly.
Gorgeous vase, and, ahem, well, maybe sometimes an asparagus is just an asparagus ;)

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Figs are the best! The jam looks great,and the vase is beautiful. And I think Lars choose the book for the cover!
(Rockenwagner is a great place. We ate there years ago.)

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Great selection in this box and the homemade jam from Lars looks great. Cool vase and I'm sure there are greap recipes in that book. I there are few fans of his restaurant.


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That fig jam looks so good - drool... I wanna go to Rockenwagner now!

Lars is such a dear - he couldn't make our L.A./Lee get together but through Scott he sent a jar of homemade spicy pickled cucumber for Lee, and bags of Korean red chili powder for each of us.

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Very nice's all very elegant.

I love figs, the vase is a beautiful color and the cookbook lokks verys interesting.


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Everything is just wonderful in this swap box! Lars, as always, job well done!


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That vase is beautiful. How special that Lars grew the figs, the lemons and the oranges, so I can only imagine how wonderful that jam must be! The cookbook looks very interesting, too. Great swap, Lars. Will look forward to a recipe, Linda.

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The vase is gorgeous. I can't imagine pickng figs, lemons and oranges from my yard. I bet the jam is fabulous. Funky cookbook - looks intriguing. Good choices, Lars. Have fun with it all, LInda.

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The vase *is* gorgeous! I love that. The cookbook is interesting looking, even though I should not judge a book by it's cover, that's one big ol asparagus !!!

Lars you did a good job. Linda, enjoy~

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Mmm, Lars did good too! That fig jam sounds so yummy and the Rockenwagner cookbook should be great too! The vase is lovely!

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Terrific job Lars! I'm so glad that you had sent pictures to Ann--they were worth 3,000 words, as the saying goes. The colors in the vase are so deep. The cookbook looks like a keeper for sure--I love cookbooks with lots of pictures. If they only had scratch-n-sniff! Could you imagine?

Love the label, as always, on the jam. You are one talented guy, Lars. Enjoy your gifts Linda!

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Very nice package, Lars! The vase is stunning!! Your cleverly labeled jam looks delicious and the cookbook is certain to contain some wonderful recipes. Enjoy, Linda!

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wow - that vase is really special. What a great job, Lars on putting together this package! The cookbook - well, that photograph of the pancake is just gorgeous. I have to admit, I've never had fig jam - but I love fig newtons! lol.


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Lars, thank so much for taking the pictures and thanks to Ann for posting them. My descriptions certainly couldn't do justice to the lovely gifts, especially the beautiful vase.

moniqueb - No monkshood but I have alot of Siberian Iris in the spring and I think they would look great in the vase.

maggie and lynn - Those are German Apple Pancakes and they do look wonderful. The cookbook covers everything from breakfast on through the meals of the day to desserts and quite a few reflect the author's German heritage.

colo lady - LOL Nope, sorry, no mistake in the address and the vase looks perfect in my home!

Sounds like Rockenwagner is the place to go the next time I get to southerern California.

Thanks again Lars,

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I'm at my sister's house now, briefly, but I wanted to check in to make sure the vase arrived intact. I'm so glad nothing was broken! I knew Linda liked blue, and so I thought the vase would go in her house.

I've never been to Röckenwageners, even though it is less than a mile from my house. I've driven past it many times and wanted to go, but it looked expensive. However, I learned from the cookbook that they serve breakfast, and so I might have to go there for that. I couldn't resist photographing the first recipe - German apple pancakes, and I kept a copy of that recipe so that I can make them. BTW, the asparagus spear was just an asparagus spear to me - I'm a bit slow to catch on. I chose the book because it is from a restaurant close to my house! It appears to have a lot of good recipes with mainly German-French roots (like me), but with a bit of Pacific Rim sprinkled in.

I'm so glad the vase was a hit - I was a bit worried about that, although I really liked it myself!

Thanks for posting the pictures, Ann!


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Lars, how nice that you could check in, hope your vacation is wonderful (although I wish it had been a few days later so you could have been at our dinner).

You made lovely choices; the vase is beautiful and I too am sooo jealous of anyone who can pick Meyer lemons and figs in the yard. The cookbook looks wonderful and I'll bet the restaurant is too.

Linda, I know you'll enjoy everything and I hope you'll be sharing several recipes from the book.


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I love the vase. The color is terrific. I'll bet the fig jam is delicious! Homemade jams are my favorites!

Another great swap package!

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Enjoy, Linda, that vase is absolutely gorgeous, as is the photography in that cookbook. And the fig jam is special...we don't get fresh figs here. Had a tree when I was a kid, but did I appreciate it? Noooo.....

Very nice, Lars.

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