Hood Insert vs. Hood w/ Liner?? Pls help, need to decide

Andrea Hadley RichardsonNovember 12, 2013

I have been reading the forum to get as up-to-speed as possible but so far I haven't seen a discussion on the pros & cons of going with a larger hood insert vs a smaller hood insert with the addition of a larger liner.

My appliance rep is recommending the following at my request because the 36 1/2" wide hood insert - 1100 CFMs is $1025 (which almost costs as much as my Thermador 36" cooktop). I asked for a more economical alternative and this is it:

P195P1M70SB � Best by Broan 28 �" Wide Hood Insert � 600 CFM�s � 8" Round Duct
L7036 � Best by Broan 36" Wide Hood Insert w/ an Adjustable Depth of 17 �" � 20 �" D
My question is, is the hood and liner combo an acceptable alternative or in the land of good/better/best venting, is this really a sub-par solution. I think I'm ok with good/better solution.

Also, besides Best by Broan are there other good 36" hood inserts I should look, or more accurately ask the rep to price, at that don't top the $1000 mark?

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As a point of clarification, hoods in general can be separated into two types: (a) self contained having an outside providing some level of acceptable appearance and an inside that contains filters or baffles, possibly a blower or fan; and (b) a liner or insert that is to be put into a hood supplied by someone else and generally made of wood to look like a cabinet; the liner/insert containing hood guts such as filters, blowers, etc.

There is no performance difference between a liner having aperture area A and CFM B and a complete hood having aperture area A and CFM B, all else being equal. Liners vs. hoods is an aesthetic consideration.

As for what the properties of a good liner or hood should be, you can read the material at my My Clippings for source material, and rummage through this forum reading hood and MUA posts until the basic concepts are clear.

I'm not going to rate prices or devices I don't own.


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