GE Cafe Griddle

abg622November 15, 2011

I have had my new GE Cafe range for a few months now and really love it! I finally was convinced to use the griddle pan this past week. When I went to clean it, it seems like the coating is peeling off. Anyone else have this problem? Should I call and try and get a new one? Any thoughts would be helpful.

thanks in advance!

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I've had the GE Cafe gas range since May and have used the griddle quite a bit for pancakes, grilled cheese and quesadillas. I haven't had any problems cleaning it. I just use a regular sponge and dish soap, no abrasive sponges or cleaners. I would contact GE. Hopefully they will be responsive. They were very responsive to me when my stove was delivered w/o the propane conversion kit. They sent it overmight express. Good luck!

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Thanks so much. I will definitely call GE...just wanted to see if it was a common problem.

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We've had our GE Cafe for a year and use the griddle once or twice a month. Haven't had any problems with the finish at all.

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just an update....i called GE and they couldnt have been any nicer.. will have a new griddle in 3-5 days!

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Thanks for posting a follow up. I'm glad they responded positively.

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Our new GE Cafe gas range arrived April 3rd. We used the griddle once and when washing, big spots of non-stick coating came off. GE sent another one and just looking at it I can see places where the coating does not completely cover -- little specks. And there are clumps of coating in the corners of the gutter. Very poor quality. I'm awaiting response from GE.

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