Cuisinart chef's classic cookware

beachgiraffe2June 27, 2005

I am finally at the point of actually shopping for new cookware to use on my new Thermador smooth top. I am getting tired of my old beloved Farberware and Revereware sliding around and off the burner spots because of their light weight; also they are not really flat anymore. I don't want extra-heavy though, and I don't want non-stick. Also don't like glass lids! The Cuisinart is what appeals to me at the moment, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has had experience with it, good or bad! Any and all advice appreciated!

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I have a few pices of cuisinart cookware (my first after retiring MY beloved farberware of 20 years). I really like the cusinart but now have more all clad. I am a big time cook and the all clad stainless suits me well. You can also get emerilware which is made by all clad and is a lot less expensive. stainless and has the copper sandwich bottom. very nice and cooks very well and slides nicely across cooking grates but I think would stay nicely on your cooktop. Let me know what yo decide.

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I recently purchased new cookware after 40 years and did have to watch the weight of the pans. Some are just too heavy.

I do have several of the Cuisinart pieces and like them very much.

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Thanks jvc nashville and canvir. Another concern I have is about the handles. Again, I am used to the old-fashioned kind that are not metal and do NOT get hot. I am skeptical about these "stay cool" metal handles. Will I have to use pot holders?

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I have Cuisinart Everyday Stainless and Multiclad. I have only had the Multiclad handles get hot and even then, only the handles of the 8 qt pot were hot. And I don't think they count because the whole handle is right close to the pot.

My biggest problem was getting used to the idea of putting frying pans in the oven. DH and I have taken to reminding each other that when pans come out of oven, the handles are hot too. :)

He got nailed twice by the frying pan handle, and I got nailed by the cover handle. Ooooh, that smarts!!! :o

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The Cuisinart pan handle does not get hot for me, but the lid handle does.

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