Burning Enameled LeCreuset Omelette Pan

anna1029June 9, 2007

I was making an omelette on my pan and I forgot to turn off the gas and the pan was left there probably for at least 15-25 minutes. The black coating inside now looks burnt. I also had a spatula lying on the pan, which slightly melted on the coating, however, I was able to remove most of the burnt plastic by heating the pan again. Is there any way I can remove the discoloration of the black enamel? Thank you in advance for your help and advice.

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I don't think you and enameled cast iron get along too well! ;-)

Try all of the previous recommendations to you: baking soda, Bon Ami, Barkeeper's Friend, bleach...

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Is this the nonstick pan, or the pan with the two pouring spouts and the little helper handle tab?

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No, this is not non-stick. It does have the pouring spout and a helper handle.

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Just wash it....and then use a Mr Clean Magic Sponge...
Before washing you might put water and some baking soda in it and bring to a boil.
Yep...I've done it to more than 1 of my Le Cruset pans!
Linda C

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Oven cleaner should take it all off. After all the interior finish is enamel which is what oven walls are made of. If nothing else takes it off, I would try that. It should all even out though with continued use. You can also try boiling a mixture of Clorox and water. About one part Clorox to 2 parts water. A little stronger than what's recommended for the gloss interiors. It should remove stains.

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I have burnt mine, too. I put some Soft Scrub in and let it set for awhie. I then use one of those thin green scratch pads. I takes a little scrubing but I have always got all of it out. Sometimes I have to repeat the soaking process. Works great...

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Le Creuset also makes a liquid cleaner for removing stains from the interiors of their enameled cast iron cookware (just the ones that are white inside - not the non-stick.)

It won't get off the burnt food, but once you get rid of that, you could try some it this for the interior. It is a runny liquid with a very slight abrasive material - but given the smell, I believe that it cleans by chemical, not physical, action.


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I left a message for Blondelle about the new Staub grill pans (rectangular or square), but as a newbie I'm not sure whether she can answer me--I did not set my preferences to direct e-mail. So I'm asking the question again to all. Except for her answer about endorsing Staub over LC in general, I cannot find any reviews. I need a grill pan which will do nice searing marks and be easier to maintain than the Lodge. The Staub pans also have removable handles and can be put into the oven, and are cheaper than LC. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

claire de lune

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