do ya have a meat slicer?

klseiverdJune 30, 2011

Years ago, had inexpensive one I picked up at a Sears "surplus" store. Worked so so?!? Blade didn't spin very fast and thickness control would widen as I used it. Never came close to a deli slice... but only spent about $25-30 for it. Didn't get used all that much and finally either sold it at a yard sale or donated to a thrift shop.

I know a REAL deli slice is probably several thousand $$. If you have a slicer for HOME use, please fill me in. What make/model? What price range? Pros? Cons?

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I have an old Waring that acts just like your Sears did. For how often its used, it serves the purpose. But I often see Slicers for around $100-150 in Cabelas and Bass Pro advertisements. They look pretty decent and might be worth it moreso than something like the Waring- what keeps me from using it more frequently is the tear-down and clean-up (which isn't as bad as it sounds but still is a pain). If you invest in new one, let us know.

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This post reminds me, I got one as a wedding gift nearly 30 years ago, and that box has never been opened! It's very similar to the one my mother had, and she used hers quite regularly. I'll have to dig that box out and give it a try sometime...

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