Demeyere Proline 5-Star? Is it the best ~$200 skillet

sidpostJune 17, 2012

I'm looking for a better stainless steel skillet. I have tried a few pieces of All-Clad and I hate the long handles on the skillets and pots. The Demeyere Proline seems like the best choice based on what I have seen on Youtube but, I don't want to over look other European brands that make a superior stainless steel skillet (no non-stick coatings please).

The Demeyere Proline 5-Star 11" Frying Pan seems to be one of the best if not the "best" with its 7-layer copper/silver encapsulated based that that runs edge-to-edge and up the sides of the pan. These seem to run about $200.

What other brands should I consider? Has anyone used this skillet against another well known model that can provide some cooking performance comments?

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere Proline at Sur La Table

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Here's the link to Demeyere's web-site

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere link

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I have one that's about 8-10 years old; back then, it was just part of the Atlantis line as I recall. I absolutely love it & prior to buying it, I didn't even like skillets - always preferred saute pans. Now, it's my fry pan of choice & I have a decent selection of AllClad & older anodozed Calphalon & Magnalites, & a deBuyer steel pan.

IMO, it's worth the expense.

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Only the straight-sided Demeyere Atlantis pieces have copper in the bottoms; the curved have aluminum. I love my ProLine fry pans; I have two and I am very glad I bought them for my induction cooktop.

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