No arrow mark on new All American 25qt pressure canner?

DLBDemonSlayerJune 16, 2008

Got DH an All American 25qt. pressure canner for Father's Day ($209.99 + free shipping at Amazon). It came today and when DH read through the owner's manual, it said to line up the arrows on the lid and bottom. Problem is, there's an arrow on the lid but nothing on the bottom. We're assuming that it was delivered accurately (all the sticky labels are aligned on the top and bottom)and as long as we make our own mark (where the arrow SHOULD be, everything will be fine. We really don't want to go through the hassle of returning it just because they forgot to stamp out an arrow on the bottom half. We've never used a pressure canner so don't want to keep it if it's crucial to get the arrows aligned. Advice?

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I have the 930. I noticed that the arrow on the lid is well defined but on the pot, it's really more like a v shaped groove. Try looking at the right-hand edge of the label on the pot and going upward. Is there a little v shaped vertical groove near the top edge? That's the 'arrow'.

Even if it's not there, though, not to worry. The arrows are just a help to get it in proper alignment so you can tighten up all those black plastic wingnut assemblies.

If the 925 is like the 930, you'll find that at every other tightening station there is a little L-shaped bracket extending down from the lid half of the tightening station. You put the top on and turn it clockwise, and those little ells act as a stop when the arrows are aligned. When the arrows are aligned the wingnut assemblies line up properly so the bolts can be flipped up and then they can be tightened down.

One other test: when it's properly aligned the lid handle is parallel to the top edge of the pot's label.

It's pretty intuitive as to how to line it up. One hint: tighten those wingnuts like you tighten the lug nuts on a tire (that is, tighten one, then the one across from it, then back to the one next to the first one, and work your way around the rim in a star-type pattern). Watch the gap between the lid and the pot as you tighten the nuts--the gap should be pretty consistent all around the circumference. You don't want the lid really tight on one side and not as much on the other.

You may want to take a trial run--put a gallon of water in it, fasten the lid, bring it to a boil, let the steam escape for 10 minutes, then put the jiggle weight on it on 15. If it gets up to 15 psi, you did it just fine.

Congrats on your purchase!! It's a great item. Your grandkids will fight over who inherits it. I use mine a few times a year to can humongous batches of chicken broth. It also works well as a pressure cooker if you have to feed a small army. (Beef stew or chili for 40? No sweat.)

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