Now MY pan lid is stuck...

annettacmJune 21, 2005

I took the metal lid off my pan and put it down on the glass cooktop for a moment. It adhered to the cooktop. It won't slide or budge in any way. It has cooled at least an hour now. If I pry it up, will I break the cooktop? How do I break the seal?


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I remember reading another post about 4 months ago on the Kitchen forum about this. That person's cooktop shattered but it happened while the lid was still hot. I bet if you leave it alone it will eventually break the seal. You could try sliding a razor blade between the cook top and the lid. I only suggest that since I use a straight edge to clean the cooktop. I would not try to force it up. You poor dear. Rose

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Whatever happened, Annetta? I hope you found a happy ending!

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