Kenmore Elite not delivering ice

txmatNovember 11, 2013

I have a Kenmore Elite Side by Side Model 106.56709500 that is not delivering ice to the ice storage container. On the right hand side is a on/off switch and light which is labeled "Infra red ice maker control" and on the left hand side is tab that springs open when the freezer door opens labeled "infra red sensor" When the tab is out the light on the right side blinks red 2 times and then is off and then repeats. When the tab is held closed the light is a solid red. What does this light tell about what is happening with the ice maker?

A little history. Last week I noticed that the ice storage unit was not being replenished. We had been out of town for a few days and I thought perhaps the water intake line had frozen thus blocking water. I used a hair dryer to heat the black hose coming from the cabinet top and then heated the top of the freezer along the path of the water tube. I also pulled the tube off the water control and blew into it. I never saw any water come out of the tube or any debris. But when I plugged the refrigerator back in the ice maker started working. It worked for about a week and then stopped dispensing ice again. There is ice in the mold. I have tried repeating what I did before with no luck. This time I had a helper who says that when I blew into the water tube air came out of the black tube at the ice maker. So that combined with the fact that there is ice in the maker plus the fact that the water dispenser works leads me to believe the water system (water valve, built in filter, & water tube) are all OK. Do you agree?

How do I determine what is causing the ice to not be dispensed to storage? Thanks in advance for any advice and help

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I suggest you do a search at the site in the link below . It has a number of threads on problems with icemakers, and I found the solution to mine in an old thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance parts pros

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Thanks, I will take a look.

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