Teakettle recommendations, please

donna_loomisJune 8, 2006

My brother destroyed my little stainless steel teakettle (he forgot it on the stove) and I have tried unsuccessfully to talk him out of replacing it. So, if I am going to have one, it might as well be one I want. I want a whistler, and I want it to be easy to clean inside. Does anyone have a recommendation? Oh, he said $80 is my limit. Thanks.

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Le Creuset, hands down. Comes in a wide variety of colors. Just emtpy the water after using. Everything will rust/get nasty eventually.

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I've had the linked Copco for the past 10 years.

You should be able to get a work of art for $80!


Here is a link that might be useful: Copco

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I have a Cuisinart 2-Quart Everyday Stainless-Steel Tea Kettle that I've had for almost 8 years and it is a work horse, looks great, and does the job quick.

There are Amazon reviews that say it is a pain. That is bogus. It cleans fine, the handle has never ever been hot on mine and the little hookey dealie bob on the pouring spout is easy to come off and it also has never burned me at all. And, I find it EASIER to pour into mugs, cups and teapots than most other tea pots I've had in my life.

Love it. Simple easy and doesn't irritate me in the kitchen.

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If you haven't already made your choice, may I suggest an electric teakettle?

After I melted my last kettle (yes, it was a whistler, but I still didn't hear it) and had to replace the electric coil unit on the stove, I got an electric kettle and I've never looked back.

They're very fast, very convenient, and - best of all - shut off automatically if they've boiled dry!

There are many brands available; I have a Krups right now.

And most, if not all, are below your maximum price limit ...

And now that I have a glasstop stove, I shudder to think how much repairing a meltdown on the top would cost!

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I had the most wonderful experience with Copco customer Service! I just want to share this with everyone, as I feel Copco deserves recognition: I recently bought a Copco red enameled kettle, and have been using it happily for a few months. Last week, however, it lost its sheen after hand washing it in a new liquid soap I bought (a "green" product). It apparently stripped the glossy coating off the kettle and left a dull, almost dusty finish behind. I emailed Copco customer service with the situation, and they immediately sent me a replacement kettle along with a return shipping label for my defective unit -- they did not ask for a credit card, did not ask for my original purchase receipt, nothing.

This is amazing customer service, and makes me so happy that finally someone has done something to make my life easier! I wish everyone could run out and buy a Copco kettle to reward their good behavior. Companies like Cocpo should definitely get recognition for this.


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I agree with the suggestion for an electric kettle. Boils fast and easy. I have a Philips...also another brand (can't recall) for my RV

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I agree ELectric cordless Kettle is the way to go I have a Braun and a Russel Hobbs love them both Like the Braun a bit better though.

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I really love my new OXO red teakettle. It has a soft black handle and c shaped handle for the lid just like other OXO products The neat thing about it is that you can pick it up by the handle and let it tilt and the spout will open up. Just set it down and tilt the handle forward and it closes again. And, it whistles. It is my most favorite teapot I've had. I purchased mine at TJMaxx several months ago and they still have them in several colors. They are just under $40.

I have had electric and they don't last for me. I used to have an enamel clad teapot and I melted the enamel on my Corning cooktop. I read a post above about dreading doing that. It wasn't pretty, but I got all the paint off eventually.

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I used to buy Chantals, loved them. Then I switched to electric and that I can't live without!

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We like the Russel Hobbs electric cordless kettle. We've been using it daily for 7 years without a problem.

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My all time favorite is our SS electric Chef's Choice teakettle. It's unique design is that it sits on its own disk and that is where the heat comes from. While on the disk, you can swivel it around or whatever. When the water boils, you just pick it up (off the disk) and pour, and return it to its spot. The bottom of the disk never gets hot, so it can sit on my formica countertop w/o any worries.

It's a wonderful product and I agree w the others who have said that electric is the way to go for teakettles these days. Why mess up your stove just for making tea?


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Penney's currently has Le Creuset kettles on sale for $50 to $60. I keep a red one on the stove which adds a lot of cheer to the kitchen

If I am heating up just a cup of water, I use the microwave. It's more convenient then any kettle. I have an electric kettle which is stored in a cupboard. I have a small kitchen, so I don't keep many appliances on the counter. In a different kitchen, I might do things differently.

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The best tea kettle I ever owned was a stainless steel Windsor tea kettle from Williams Sonoma. Yes, the British know tea (and toast). It was of large capacity and simple in it's design with it's arched spout that whistled beautifully from it's shape, (no additional contraption to create the whistle). Yes, sometimes simple does translate into better. Unfortunately, once we renovated our kitchen and installed our induction cooktop, my prized non-magnetic Windsor tea kettle was destined to become a planter before I decided to donate it to my Dear Mother who now swears by it's superior design. We did replace with a Le Creuset, which is heavy and awkward in comparison.

A requirement in a good tea kettle is weight, balance, and a whistle. The Windsor gets my recommendation.

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I looked up the Windsor tea kettle--it's really nice, but not cheap. It may be difficult to find this kettle for under eighty dollars. While I was looking, I stumbled upon a list of the "Top 10 Kettles" from Apartment Therapy. The Windsor, the Oxo and the Russell Hobbs are on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kettle Reviews

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