non-stick fry pan ....??

vieja_gwJune 27, 2013

I wanted a non-stick frying pan w/o the teflon coating that soon deteriorates. Hubby ordered one on line.. think the bottom says: 'Ozeri'. It is a heavy green pan outside & black with sort of pitted design on the inside bottom. At first it was OK but now everything sticks to the bottom & gets stuck in the small indentations on the bottom... a mess!!

Anyone have a brand that is rather non-stick w/o the teflon & that you are satisfied with? I hate to go back to the old cast iron fry pan & then use cooking oil again! I see ads for these 'non-stick' pans all the time from various companies but don't know how the users feel about them?

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Kinda think ya need a LITTLE oil or butter even in non-stick.

Don't know WHAT the coating is on them, but I'd recommend Calphalon non-stick. Not terribly expensive... places like BB&B usually have set of 2 skillets for around $40!?! And treated kindly (no metal tools or VERY gentle with metal), they're NOT thow-aways.

Had heard/read about their excellent return/replacement policy and took them up on it last year. Returned favorite sauce pan (easily 15 yo) and 2 skillets (5+ yo?). Sauce pan was showing wear in bottom... wooden tools and/or plactis(?) whisks only. Skillets just weren't as non-stick as had been. Went to their website, filled out some info, printed out a shipping lable, and sent them off... NO receipts required! A week or so later, came home to BRAND NEW replacements at front door. All it cost was shipping.

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I use Analon Professional hard anodized non-stick. Do not use over 400 degs. and no dishwasher Lifetime Warranty

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Thanks ..... will go look for these! Oh yes I DO use a little oil in those'non-stick'!

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Try cleaning your pan with baking soda and a scrubby. Dry it, warm it (not hot!) and wipe it with a tiny bit of oil.

I don't have a ceramic nonstick pan, but some people who've had them for a long time recommend this procedure to maintain them.

At this point, it can't hurt, right? I do think the problem is the honeycomb.

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Threw out those darn $$ pans that began sticking after a month or less of use! Went by SAM's & saw a three piece set of 'Tranmontina' fry pans for less than $30. Was really doubtful these would be any better (& the cheapest of any I have bought so far too!) but guess it was may be worth trying for the price! It has been three months of use & they still work fine: I 'treated' them as per instructions & always use a bit of canola oil in them. Will see if my hopes 'pan' (no pun!!) out for these non-stick ones!!

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I've got to second what vieja wrote about Tramontina. Their nonstick coating, at least on the heavy aluminum pans I buy, is the best I've ever used. My preference for shape, weight and responsiveness is the Professional line.

I'm not gentle with them and they last me 3-5 years. My current set is 3 years old and looks like new, because I'm not heating them on high heat. I often use a metal spatula in them and you'd never know it. Bonus points for being made in the USA.

Losing these pans is the only regret I feel about my upcoming switch to induction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tramontina Professional

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