Rust on Le Creuset casserole

flseadogJune 13, 2009

We are getting ready to move to the new house with our new induction cooktop and I'm trying to find a few pieces of my old collection that will be usable. When my dear MIL passed away 5 years ago I ended up with an 11" diameter, 5" high lidded Le Creuset casserole/dutch oven (?)that I have never used. It's a beautiful golden yellow but the top rim of the pot is a bit rusty and so is the bottom rim of the lid where it meets the pot rim. These areas are not enameled at all and don't appear as if they ever were as they are so uniform in looking like cast iron. Is is normal for these areas to appear like this and what can be done to clean it? Our new countertops are luce di luna quartzite and I'm afraid I'll put that rusting lid down and end up with a permanent rust ring on my new stone countertop. All advice is appreciated.

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Just a few years back, Le Cruset pans all had that un enameled top to the pot and bottom of the lid. I have several....and if you let them sit in water they will rust....and I suppose, eventually the rust will cause the enamel to pop....but it's never gotten that bad.
Clean those rims with Barkeepers Friend and make sure they are dry before you put the lid on the pot. I store my lids upside down on the pot, cushioned with a square of bubble wrap.
If a little rust will stain your counters, what do you do about a drop of red wine or grape juice, beet juice or even mustard? Surely the counter has some sort of a sealer on it.
Linda C

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Thanks,Linda. I worry about my countertops b/c they are new. We haven't even moved in yet so it's sort of like dreading the first ding on a new car. It will happen someday but I don't want to do something dumb. I'm going to try the BKF in hopes that I'll avoid a problem. If the rust doesn't come off I'll donate the pot to Goodwill or Salvation Armmy b/c I'm not going to take any chances.

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The rust should come off with a bit of scrubbing. To keep it from happening again, after the pot is dried on the stovetop and cooled a bit, dip a finger in a bit of oil and run it over the rim to coat. Or do it on a hot pot with a silicone brush to season the rim. If you're worried about your counters just get one of those silicone mats to put under it. Don't leave it upside down to dry on the counter. That will leave rings.

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