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lbainsJune 8, 2008

I used my new square white plates last night for a dinner party. I put them in the dishwasher last night and noticed today when I took them out one of the plates has a brown mark about the size of a hair on it. I tried scrubbing it but nothing would remove it. It really ruins the effect of the stark plain white plate. Does anyone have any ideas how this mark could have gotten on the plate and how to remove it?

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Try ZUD--if the mark is from your flatware or even rust, it should remove it. Just use a little on a wet sponge and rub it over the mark. FWIW I've only done that with the powdered version, not sure if the liquid/cream version would have the same mildly abrasive quality that removes the marks....

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Thanks. I'll look for that. I was wondering if it could have been a scratch from the flatware. I hope this new dinnerware isn't so delicate that it will leave marks whenever the flatware makes contact with it. The dinnerware came from Macy's and seems to be pretty durable.

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I went to look for "Zud" today and couldn't find it. I suppose I'll have to order it. Is it gentle enough to use on china without the abrasiveness scratching it?

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Sometimes you can find ZUD in the hardware store.

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Bon Ami or even Barkeepers friend will do the same thing....the Bon Ami is just ag entle abrasive, while Barkeepers Friend is a reducing agent like Zud.
Linda C

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Thanks, I had a can of Bartender's Friend so I tried it. It removed the brownish color of the mark but when the light hits the plate in the right direction the scratch mark can still be seen. Would this have been caused by a knife scratching and removing the glaze on the plate and if so is there anything that can be done short of never serving anything that requires a knife so this won't happen again? Also would the Barkeeper's Friend possibly add more scratches? I just hate to see my new dinnerware get marred up after only one use and think what it might look like after a year of use.

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I got my most recent can of ZUD powder at a local hardware store. I'm pretty sure I'd read or heard somewhere that BKF is similar to ZUD (active ingredient), just a weaker/lower % (or something like that).

I've used ZUD on my dishes and it hasn't seemed to harm them in any way. I do know that the faint silvery/grey marks on plates and in the bottom of coffee cups are metal marks left behind by utensils, but I don't think they are actual scratches in the glaze, rather I've always felt that they are marks ON the surface.

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Off topic, but I'll mention that the title "Mark on Plate" struck me as very odd when I saw it just after thinking about the old short story, "To Serve Man."

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