Feedback on Viking Combi Steam oven?

robiliumNovember 11, 2012

Hi everyone. I can't seem to find reviews or feedback anywhere on Vikings new combi steam oven. It says it does steam, convect, oven, and microwave. We will either get this plus a trim kit and a Viking single wall oven or a monogram advantium and a monogram single oven.

Anyone ever use one of these combi ovens

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I have the Viking combi steam 240 volt version that has been discontinued recently, models DCSO244 and VCSO244SS. It works great. There is not much in the way of instruction for the combi steam ovens, but Sharp makes a 120 volt, Thermador, Wolf, and Gaggenau make 240 volt models. You can use most of these like a conventional steamer to steam fish, shellfish, or veggies, or you can use it like a regular convection oven, or you can use both modes - which helps keeping foods moist. One of the things it does best is reheat - by adding moisture you can keep things from drying out. I would guess that the Viking VCSO will be a little slower as a convection oven, since it is only 120 volts, but the steamer should work quite well.

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I bet sharp makes the Viking -- take a look at this feature comparison fom aj Madison --[]=VCSO210SS&skus[]=AX1200

I wish for a micro / convection / steam oven in a drawer. Doesn't exist yet.

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Just called to one of the local showrooms to inquire about it. Salesman didn't even know it existed, said it's not in his price book yet, and said it's a specialty item so he won't get one on the sales floor. Must be brand spanking new?

Looks like a good alternative to a steam oven. Beautiful appliance, too.

Please post if you get any additional info!

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Madeline, if you can work with a 240 volt version, you might want to check around it see if you can find the discontinued version - some places were selling at half off - which is around $1,600

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Thanks, Barry. I'm already wired for the 240 volts, so I'll look into it. I wonder why they discontinued the 240 volt version...? People seem to be really happy with it.

Also spoke to Wolf showroom salesman. Going in for a little demo on the Wolf steam convection oven in next couple weeks :)

Tks again

Madeline :)

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My best friend bought this in Dec 2012, and had a lot of problems with it: uneven convection cooking, descaling issues, trays tipping if you pull them out 30% (the trays are floating, as opposed to "on glides"), and paint issues inside the oven. I don't know much more on this as I have a Miele, but I hope this helps! 8)

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