Cubical Eggs

gardenladJune 12, 2006

Years back I had a gadget that was used for making cubical eggs. Basically it was a plexiglas press. You put a hot hard-boiled egg in the receptical and screwed down a pressure plate.

It disappeared during one of our moves, and I'd like to replace it. Anyone know what I'm talking about, and where I might buy one?

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You need a square egg mold. My mom gave me one, but I've never used it. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: square eggs

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That's exactly what I'm looking for, April. Thanks.

How come you've never used the one you have? And do you want to get rid of it? I loved the one I had for making canapes that really gave my guests a start.

"Where," they wanted to know, "do you find chickens that lay square eggs."

And a really handsome presentation can be made with stuffed eggs.

I start by making the cubes, and then making them into red beet eggs---from a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe. Once ready, I cut each on the diagonal, then fill the cavities with deviled egg mix or the like. Adding crabmeat or sardines to the mix is an interesting variation.

Stand them up on a serving platter, and watch your guests eyes bug out.

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I'm not sure why I never used it. It was one of those quirky things my mom gave me (she loves kitchen gadgets). Right now, I have my entire kitchen in storage while we're doing a kitchen addition/remodel. I'll have to find that little thing and try it. If you do a google search under "egg cuber" you can find all kinds of sites that sell it, not just the one I sent.

Good luck finding one!

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Maybe things have changed in the past few months, because last time I googled under egg cuber only three sites showed up. And two of them are out of business.

I ordered two of the gadgets from the site you provided. Thanks again.

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Ahem. I bought 12 of them at Cost Plus a while ago when they were a dollar each. Maybe $2. Made a bunch of deviled eggs out of them.

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Rub it in, Jessy. I just spent six bucks each plus shipping for the two of them.

At a buck (or even 2) I'd have bought a bunch of them too. You really need several to cut down the time it takes. Two will speed it up a bunch, because I'm hoping that by the time I peel, insert, and form the second egg the first one will have cooled enough.

But the ideal would be to have at least a half-dozen of the presses. Not at six bucks a throw, though.

BTW: Love that serving platter.

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Just made a dozen cubical eggs, and put them up as Amish Red Beet eggs.

Thanks again for the lead, April. The company promised them in two days, and in two days there they were.

Time to start driving guests crazy again. ;>)

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How long do you have to leave the egg in the press? How do you peel the hot egg without burning your fingers?

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What I do is put the loaded gadget into a bowl of ice water. By the time the second one is loaded, the first one has "hardened" enough to keep its shape. Then I unload it and let the cubes stand in a second bowl of ice water.

That's why I wanted at least two of the devices. I used to have only one, and there was too much wait time.

Initially I use a glove or oven mitt on one hand while peeling. But the eggs soon cool down enough where I can work with them bare-handed.

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My nephews finally pushed the envelope on Aunt Cathy's square eggs.

I had to fess up because they insisted on see the eggs "in the shell".

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Gardenlad, that plate also came from Cost Plus/World Market. I gave it to a friend because the eggs didn't fit well - you can see that from the picture. I ended up getting a tiered appetizer plate - (with a coupon of course) from Bed Bath and Beyond which works very well.

I'll have to try your trick of setting them while still hot. I usually keep mine in the frige, twisting the top down until the eggs are really set in the corners. Your way sounds faster.

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Wow, Jessy, your BB&B must carry a whole lot of stuff that never makes it to mine. I've never seen serving plates such as that tiered one. I'd have bought one for sure.

You're probably right that my way is faster when using one or two of the molds. But, with a dozen, what does it matter? Just load them up and be done.

Are you saying, though, that you form them while they're cold? I'm surprised they don't crack that way, and that they even take a permanent set.

While the new ones didn't have a printed instruction sheet, my original one did. And it said to mold the eggs while they were hot and let them cool in the mold. So that's what I did.

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Here is the link directly to the BBB page. If you don't have a 20% coupon, I'll be glad to send ya one. Or if you don't trust me with your addy, I can send it to Annie1992. Bwahaha. She knows me and can vouch for my (lack of ) character!

Back to the eggs....Hmmmm. I usually dump my just boiled eggs (three minutes at a gently rolling boil, removed from heat, covered for nine minutes) into an ice bath to stop them from cooking and forming the 'green ring' around the yolk. I pretty much start 'cubing' them from there. I haven't considered cubing them immediately out of the hot water (my fingers wouldn't take it anyways) and allowing them to set. They are usually warm, but not hot or cold, when they get put into the molds.

FWIW I didn't have instructions with mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Three tiered appetizer tray

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Thanks for the offer, Jessy. I do have some coupons, though. Maybe when I run out of them I'll hit on you for more.

How come you have them to spare, he asked?

In a fit of insatiable curiousity I just looked at the Egg Cuber box (when all else fails, read the directions). Lo and behold! It actually says, on one of the side panels, "Put warm, peeled hard boiled egg in Egg Cuber...."

Not that it matters. Apparently you, me, and Mustangs are the only people in the whole world who actually use the silly things. ;>)

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'Read directions'. ROFL - I'm thinking of AKA TJ, who always admonishes (he's right!) to read the user manuals. Well, I guess your hot eggs set up faster than my warm eggs. But I've never really tried. July 4th is coming up, sounds like a good excuse!

I hate to tell ya this but my boxes are marked 98 cents. Thats why I bought so many! I didn't know how long it would take to set, so I figured what the hey.

You me and Mustangs oughta have a party...ya sure you don't want to come up to Canny camp (hee hee ask Annie why I'm called 'EJ')?

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Jessica, I have the same B. Smith tiered tray! I painted the black stand gold to match my Christmas serving pieces.

I square my eggs hot. I had two cubers but gave one away to my nephews and haven't replaced it yet so production is slow.

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>I hate to tell ya this but my boxes are marked 98 centsNobody likes a braggart in skirts! :>)

>You me and Mustangs oughta have a party...I was thinking of starting a forum---Egg Cubers Ltd. It would be officially public, but just the three of us would be posting, I reckon.
>ya sure you don't want to come up to Canny camp (hee hee I would love to. But there's a previous committment, and rescheduling would be difficult as the fall is really booking up fast. Going to the Outer Banks in September, for two weeks. The AHSC Conference is the first weekend in June, and the Small Farm Conference and Trade Show is the first week in November.

>ask Annie why I'm called 'EJ')?....From things said here and at other sites I's almos' afeered ta akss. I figure it stands for Evil Jessy. I just don't know why.

On a serious note, the eggs setting up is a function of how quickly they cool, not whether they start out warm or hot. So long as they are plastic enough to take the new shape they will keep it once they've cooled down.

If I had a dozen of them, like you do, I wouldn't go through the ice-water thing. I'd just load them up and put them in the fridge to cool down. Then cut and stuff just before serving.

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And here I always thought Gardenlad was the voice of reason and moderation...The truth is out!

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Y'all need to pay attention, KD. I said that just because I had no self control didn't mean I couldn't preach it.

Besides which, there's nothing unreasonable about cubical eggs! :>)

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LOL. This is probably the most entertaining thread I've encountered. Although, now that I think about it, that "Best Dishwasher" thread is pretty good, too.

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For real entertainment value, KD, check out Jessy's photo of her "12" egg cubers.

That's what happens when you run out of fingers. :>)

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Guess that explains why I found the count so baffling. . .

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Just happened to wander in here and have a good hard laugh over Jessy's dozen egg cubers.

A couple months ago I read a novel called "The dogs of Babel" in which the main character meets his wife via an egg cuber he buys at her garage sale. Otherwise I had never heard of them before. Thanks for the pictures and the laugh.

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Thanks guys for this educational/entertaining thread!

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Thought I'd post here as well as the CF. The longest part of this job is cleaning the molds and putting them away!

First off, thank you to Beachlily's dad for inventing these things! And to Cost Plus/World Market for having them on sale for $1 each so I could stock up without too much guilt, heh heh.

Went to our annual Hannukah Party last night. Next year is our turn, I think. My contribution...(sorry about the rush presentation, no sprinkling of paprika and I tossed the greens on as best I could - still they disappeared quickly)

Here they are work in progress

Yolks don't center very well, but after they are filled, no one can tell the difference

After we were all stuffed, all five families lit their menorahs in the window. The kids turned off the kitchen lights to go outside to see them from the sidewalk.

The rest of the dinner consisted of latkes, latkes and more latkes (I liked the jalapeno ones, surprisingly), vegetable soup, salad, and tons of desserts. Enough for me!

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I really love your Ellis Island menorah, Jessy. Where'd you get it?

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GL, I got it at my synagogue gift shop....I googled a bit and couldn't find it. Here is a close up - maybe you'll have better luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Discontinued menorah

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I know that this is an old thread, but here's a tip for centering the yolks on your hard boiled eggs. Place your eggs in cold water and bring to a slow boil. During this time, gently stir the eggs. This will distribute the yolk evenly as the white cooks. When the water comes to a boil, remove from the heat. Cover, and let sit for ten minutes. Centered yolks mean that you don't loose any to weak walls when slicing.

If you are lucky enough to have a Japanese dollar store (actually $1.50) like Daiso or Ichiban Kan nearby, you can find egg molds in various shapes (star, heart, fish, car, rabbit, bear). Unfortunately the star is five pointed, not six. You can also find these on and ebay for twice as much.

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