Breadman TR875 Bread Machine Noisy or Quiet?

eeagleJune 4, 2008

We have had several bread machines in the past. We recently purchased a Breadman TR875 after reading all the great reviews on Amazon; and of course because it was on sale for a great price.

I'm happy to report that it is doing a fabulous job, and we are happy with the bread so far. It produces a nice horizontal 1.5 or 2 pound loaf.

The thing we weren't prepared for is how loud the mixing cycles are...a lot louder than we recall previous machines being, and on the order of high speed on a big KA mixer, but with a lot of "wow oh wow oh" sound like the motor gearbox is really straining. The machine also visibly moves /vibrates when the dough it mixing. Our previous models were the vertical type machines so the dough may have just been more confined. The reviews have some saying it is the quietest machine they have had, to other saying it was so noisy they returned it.

So did we get a bad machine? Should we return it in hopes of getting a quiet one? I wonder how long it will actually last sounding so strained as it mixes.

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