URGENT - Soda Makers

eleenaJune 17, 2011

I marked this as urgent b/c the Father's Day is the day after tomorrow and I have one particular item on hold at BB&B but I am in dire need of opinions.

When it comes to cold beverages, DH only wants carbonated drinks and hates all others. Honestly, I prefer them as well.

For years, he's been bying carbonated water from Kroger and either drinking it by itself or mixed with juice. I did not think much of it (hey, better than drinking beer, right? LOL) till I realized the danger of plastic bottles (the water might have been in those for a long time) and the fact that it might have been nothing but tap water (I have read some research articles).

I have looked into Soda Makers but the reviews are very mixed. They are crazy expensive when the cost of the replacement chargers is factored in, so the price will probably be comparable to store-bought water and we will not be saving money.

However, I hate that our recycling bin is always "over-flowing" with those - bad for the environment - plastic bottles as well as the fact that we are probably getting BPA and what's not from them.

So, I'd like to now if anyone here uses a Soda Maker. If so, which one? Do you recommend it? What would be a good brand and model?


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