I want to buy Spega yogurt glass jars

arlinekJune 25, 2012

Does anyone have any of these? I didn't even know they existed until just recently. Spega yogurt was made in Italy and sold in these little (4 oz.?)jars without a lid. Apparently Trader Joes sold them as late as '07 or little later in four packs - I'm not sure. But I've been told they don't sell it anymore. Anyway, I would like to buy a few jars (less than ten, say) if you have any to spare. Thanks so much. Also posted this in Cooking.

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Is there a reason why you want these particular jars?

I use Ball 4 oz ones with regular plastic lids and love them.
Just curious...

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Hi Eleena: Yes, the reason I want THESE is due to their shape and appearance. I wanted to serve mousses', puddings, layered desserts, etc. in them because the Spega jars are soooo attractive whereas the Ball-ones are more utilitarian. I HAVE purchased the Weck ones now, which are almost as cute but still have my eye out for Spega, too, if not too expensive.

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