Cleaning before moving in- ideas?

SMPop18October 24, 2012

We're getting closer to our big move-in date (crossing fingers it's before Christmas) and I'm just curious to hear your thoughts on the process of cleaning the house before moving in. Obviously, I know that all floors, services, etc will need to be cleaned/wiped down. I plan to clean the walls somehow but not sure the best/most efficient way to go about it, especially in the areas with 18' ceilings. Do you plan to hire this job out? Also, there's the issue of cleaning all the dust out of the heating/cooling vents. We have done a little of this already while they were still uncovered but have heard of companies that will come and "vacuum" out the whole system. Is this a stupid question?'s possible that other people don't have to deal with the cleaning at all if GC takes care of it. We are our own GC and doing a lot of the finishing work ourselves. I guess I'm just interested in any tips you all might have. Thanks!

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First of all - I am very envious :( We move in January. Now onto your question, our GC is broom cleaning the house. Which I assume means it will be large dust and debris free. However, I plan to dust, clean, vacuum, mop...ect before we move in. Just seeing the build process makes me realize how filthy it all is. Family and friends will help, but I will also hire my in laws cleaning lady. If it looks overwhelming then I will just hire it out since I have 3 levels to cover.

That said I had never thought about the dust in the hvac vents. I guess that will be on my list to hire out. I don't have ceilings as high as yours except in the stairwell from the 1st to 2nd. I will probably just get one of those extended dusters.

I posted a link of one that goes to 24'. I will probably get something like that so I can use it for a variety of things.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would ask your builder what is included in his cleaning (or read the contract.) Our builder makes it spotless prior to turning over the keys. They had a crew of about 5 ladies working one day, I actually saw them hand cleaning each crystal on my chandliers! I wish I could have those ladies on a regular basis....alas.... :)

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We would still have to clean even after the move-in because of the movers/boxes/furniture dust & doors opening.

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Oh my it is a tough job to clean before you move in. I did it myself and was completely worn out. I think I saved about $900 and it honestly was NOT worth that amount of savings. I had to wash the outside and inside of all cabinets, the inside and outside of all windows, dust the walls and baseboards and vacuum. I wasn't terribly careful about the floors because I knew they'd get dirty on move in day. I also had to clean the bathtubs and showers and everything was dusty.

It was a lot of work, and given the choice to do over - I would hire it out!

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We had a cleaning service from my builder. They got the worst of it but honestly didn't do a great job. For the walls, definitely swiffer. There will be loads of dust on them that will make its way to your furniture:). I would also have the ducts cleaned for the HVAC. Any HVAC contractor can handle that. Change the air filters after the ducts are cleaned. As far as the height on the walls, that will be a continual problem. I doubt much of the construction dust would make it all the way up 18' and hang on sheet rock but the moldings may be a different story.

My house finally seems to be dropping less dust - 4 months in. The first couple of months were very dusty ones!

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Besides getting things out of the way and making sure moving boxes aren't strewn around, call for help of course!Looks like you're really going to have sto set quite a big amount of time aside if you're going to be doing a top-to-toe wash of your new place.

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Call a cleaning service that specializes in post construction cleaning. It's what we did after remodeling our showroom, and it was worth every penny. Six people with backpack vacuums showed up for 5 hours 2 nights in a row. They had everything down to a science with the proper ladder and other tools. They could even have brought scaffolding to deal with 20' ceilings if needed. It was about $1200 to do the whole showroom if I recall.

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