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debo_2006November 23, 2012

I ordered a new desktop with Win8 to have on hand as a second computer (I just bought an Asus laptop) since my other DT is 10 yrs old and slow as a turtle. When I get it, I will make a recovery disc and also want to remove all the bloatware. Does anyone know of reliable free software to download so I can remove all the crapware that comes on this Dell computer? I know there will be plenty.

Also, should I remove the bloatware first, before making a recovery disc or make the recovery disc first?


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Hi debi,

The PC Decrapifier Wipes Unwanted Junk from the computer. See link for download.

It does not matter when you make the recovery disk as long as you make one.


Here is a link that might be useful: Decrapifier

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I also use decrapifier and it does not matter about when you make the disc it is not making a copy of that it will make a copy of the partition that holds the recovery material. It is a one time thing on most computers.

I like to use ninite to install all the stuff you will be needing because it strips out all the junk they try to slip in on you like toolbars etc.

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Thanks. I just ran decrapifier on the old DT and frankly, it appears I had it in good shape. I appreciate the great suggestions.

Another question: My new Asus LT did not come partitioned. I only have a C drive. My specs are 6GB HD and 750GB Ram. Should I make my own partition for backing up stuff? I do backup my data files on an external HD AND a USB drive, and I did have bootable Win8 recovery media created on USB thumbdrive for the Asus. Is a partition really necessary and why?

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Hi debie,

The partition is not necessary, I'd rather back up to the external drive and USB anyway. What if the drive fails? Then you can't get to the partition to get the back ups....


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That's what I was thinking too, Joe....just wanted clarification since I had read about partitions. You are always helpful and I truly appreciate that.

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You might have some hidden partitions if you look in Drive Management.

Me personally,,, I find it nice to backup to a separate partition so when I bork windows in my laptop(often;), a separate data partition has a nice current system image that not only saves really fast, it is instantly available from f8 and loads really fast.
And with backup for personal files/images, I can always get back the whoops deleted file by simply browsing to just that one folder/file in the backup, or find that file from a week or two ago that I probably shouldn't have deleted. Faster scans and defrags on smaller partitions.

Wow ie10 fixes all my small i's and helps me spell too easy.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

What I was referring to is that most computers now come with a separate partition that contains the recovery materials, rather than providing recovery cds.

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