My Liebherr is bedeviling me. Anyone else? (LONG)

kpaquetteNovember 29, 2011

Hi all. I haven't posted on GardenWeb in a very long time, since my kitchen remodel actually. But I thought I'd share what's been going on with my 36" Liebherr and see if anyone else has had problems. My servicer has just informed me they are DONE with it and to find someone else!!!

Several months ago, the fresh food compartment started to get ice buildup on the back wall. The LED display said the temp was steady (38 degrees.) I raised the temp over time but no change. Then we had the big hurricane come through the NE, I lost power for a couple of days, and while I was away the frozen fridge thawed and ruined my hardwood floors. (I was on vacation when the hurricane hit.)

It promptly re-froze when power was restored. I called Liebherr and scheduled a visit with a local servicer. This diagnosis visit determined that a $600 part was needed - which Liebherr nicely offered for free, even though I was just out of warranty. Very nice, indeed.

Servicer returned with part, installed part, and left. I noticed that some of the the interior lights would not come on and that the ice maker was now not working. Called them back and they returned for a second diagnosis, which determined that the part sent was faulty. (It was a circuit board, and the thought was it wasn't sending enough juice to the unit to power it fully.) So a 4th visit with new part was a couple of weeks ago.

After the part was installed, everything seemed fine. Then a couple of mornings later I woke up and opened the fridge to get my half and half. The LED display read the temp inside was 32 degrees (even though no one had touched the temp control) and everything in the bottom half of the fridge was now frozen. (Including my half and half. haha)

So basically, I think that whatever the original problem was wasn't fixed with this part they've installed.

So, I called the servicer again and scheduled an appointment, which was to be today. This morning they called and told me to call someone else. That they've done all they can on my unit and I should get a second opinion.

Now, this isn't a Kenmore. I don't think any service provider is going to be an expert on Liebherr - what my now former provider would do when they arrived is immediately call the Liebherr tech line and troubleshoot with one of their technicians.

Anyway, I've called Liebherr this morning an asked them to give a return authorization to a different provider, which they've done. Maybe this one will be more experienced with Liebherr - but I'm not holding my breath.

I love the look of my fridge but am ready to chuck it into the road, frankly. 4 times I've scheduled my day around service calls. The 5th was today and I've just been canceled on. Liebherr has been very nice every time I've called, and has been very kind to pay for all parts and labor. I've only paid for the first service visit to diagnose the problem. Which I guess is a good thing because if I'd paid for this part and still have the same problem I'd be pretty upset. I can't complain at all about Liebherr's service. I guess I could complain that the tech line didn't diagnose my problem correctly. Or that my servicer isn't familiar with Liebherr products?

I understand that things break. It's just frustrating. Has anyone else run into issues with the main compartment freezing? If so, what was your solution?

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Shoulda bought a Samsung with the twin cooling, basically does the same thing at half the price.

We got the Kenmore Elite 24cu.ft CD which is a Samsung. Works great.

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That's helpful. Thanks.

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No worries kpaquette, Nunyabiz "has a thing" for Korean brands.
I hope your range doesn't break or He will give you the
"Speil" about his NXR range.

Anyway post the model and I will check the net, for similar problems,--You may want to have a look at the "Fixya" web-site to see if anybody there has had a similar problem.

Maybe Trevor will hop in here, as He Spouts, (or at least He did), the virtues of the Liebherrs and especcially their "Biofresh".

Good luck with it, and if I turn up anything, I will post it for you. Reading your post, it appears to me, that Lieherr is having some "Main board problems", or the boards are not getting checked out fully, before they are installed. Chances are a new one would get the fridge operational again, but one, now wonders, for how long?

I know there are folks here with Liebherr Fridges and they hopefully they will chime in too!!


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It sounds to me like the service tech wasn't knowledgeable enough and never got the repair quite right. I totally hear your frustration, especially if you're having to stay home from work for the service calls. Unfortunately, every brand can have issues, and I've heard similar complaints about many where the issue is properly diagnosing and replacing an electronics part. It's not like they can just replace the bushings, or whatever, and get a motor running again. :) This is the same with any appliance which uses electronics.

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Extremely critical to know what model you have. Different models use different cooling. If you have a model with Biofresh, you need to read the owners manual because of specific operations for the compartments.

That being said, you stated fresh food compartment is getting ice on back wall. A couple potential causes of this are the freezer is working harder than normal...Your temp too high in the refrigerator or to low in the freezer can cause this. The immediate freeze-up after it was off is a symptom of this.

Also, fresh food compartments usually have a humidity adjuster. If the compartment is slightly off, shifted, or for whatever reason the humidity is not what it's supposed to be, I could see it causing ice build up.

So before you throw the refrigerator and accidentally hit and destroy a korean built Kenmore, look into this.

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Kpaquette, I own a 36" FD Liebherr with Biofresh. I didn't always. I started off my kitchen reno with a first generation, 36" FD (without Biofresh). Like you, however, I had too many service issues with my unit. So many that ADCO Service and Liebherr jointly decided to replace my unit and to upgrade me to Biofresh. I didn't even have to ask for it.

The problems which led to replacement were primarily those of the icemaker. I did have a one-time problem with ice build up on the back wall. And, in the very beginning, I had the hanging door problem. While the ice build up and door hanging issues were resolved by an excellent technician, the icemaker problem was recurring. From your description, I'm inclined to think that it's time for a replacement -- either of your unit or, most certainly, as Pllog suggests, of the local servicer. In the meantime, check your email. I have sent you additional info about a person at Liebherr who was especially helpful in expediting the replacement of my first gen fridge once he became aware of the issues I'd been having with it. BTW, I couldn't be happier with my new unit. Since the swap out, I've had nary a problem.

Good luck!

Nunyabiz: We all know you are a die heard Samsung fan. As such, don't you know that we also know that Liebherr is not your biz? :-)

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Still digging, but I have found a recall (Nov 2011) for door problems, so be sure to check your model to see if it is one of those that is being recalled, (Hopefully Liebherr will notify owners), if not google Liebherr Refrigerator recall,
If that doesn't work, just holler back here and I'll find the URL for ya.


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good one marthavila..

my leibherr, same as yours martha, is doing great and we love it!!

good luck kpaquette..hope you get it resolved soon!!!

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Hi all, wow thank you for your responses. As for the model's a CS 2062. No biofresh (that I know of haha.)

The icing problems started happening out of the blue one day, about 22-3 months after the fridge was installed. There had never been any adjustments made to the temperature of the fridge or freezer - they were on the default temperatures that entire time (38 for fridge, 0 for freezer.) Because of that I don't think the issue is due to temperatures being wrong - I'm inclined to believe it is a problem with a sensor or something?

I do agree that it seems the original problem was never diagnosed. The part they sent me was a very expensive one and I got the feeling that it was a known possible issue for my model since they authorized parts and service right off the bat. Unfortunately it wasn't the part I needed though.

Dodge59 thank you for digging for me! I admit I'm sort of a dope when it comes to this stuff...I can't even tell you what the part was that was replaced. (a circuit board-ish thingy) haha. When I speak to Liebherr again I will ask them my history so I can write it down. I do remember that when I called them initially and described my problem, they said it could be a sensor, which is a relatively inexpensive fix, or that it needed a new panel or board of some sort (electronic) which was a $600 fix. They sent me the part for the expensive fix. Lets hope the "cheap" fix is what does it!

Marthavila I remember you from the kitchen forum! :) I am hoping (fingers crossed!) that the next service visit will result in the problem being correctly diagnosed. If it is not, I will certainly follow up with your contact there.

Thank you again for all your input. I'll keep you posted...

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OOOH! snap marthavila, good one. kpaqette, make sure you don't block any of the vents that circulate air thru the refigerator, I had just recently replaced the fan in our old refigerator (maybe unnecessarly) and I started having temp problems again. Upon further investigation I found there was a plastic bag blocking one of the vents. I have been careful not to repeat that mistake. Liebherr does seem to be very responsive to your problem, hopefully this will all be resolved.

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WOW. Wow wow wow!!!! I just got a call from Josh at Liebherr. He asked me to turn off both the fridge and freezer to see if the compressor actually stopped running when told to by the electronics (which it did.) I told them that in the past couple of days the ice has started to re-form on the back wall.

So they are sending me a new refrigerator. I didn't even have to ask. I am floored. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Woo hoo! Good for you!

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JA, SEHR GUT FUR DICH !!!--THAT's it my next fridge will be Liebherr. Marthavila & dodge59 good post to nunyabiz, when we write in here we need help not rudeness.

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Pillog hit the nail on the head, alto no one wants to experience fridge problems, the main problem here, was the repair company.

He should have never left with the interior lights not working, (I'm assuming they didn't work just after they replaced the circuit board), so it shows they were in "Too Big A Hurry" to properly check things out.

Glad to hear the good news, and hopefully the rest of
"Keeping Your Kewl", will be "Unevenful"!!!


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Fantastic news! Best of luck with the new one.

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GREAT news. The most important factor for me is post-purchase service, and Liebherr came through for you after the repair people dropped the ball. Enjoy the new fridge.

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so happy for you!! best of luck with the new one!!!

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bumping this... In reading through I am trying to figure out if the non-biofresh units cause more problems or vice versa.

I am considering the HC2062 (integrated without biofresh 36" FD). Looks to be an extra $600 for biofresh and I am trying to keep my budget as trim as possible so wasn't thinking of opting for this.

Is this a problematic refrigerator?

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I have had model HCS2062 (S/S integrated model) since 2008. Other than the door closing problem of the early units, which was promptly fixed by Liebherr's repair service, it has been trouble free and I recommend it to anyone who is considering a 36" French door model refrigerator.

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not much mileage here, install sept., but loving it so far. super quiet. we have the biofresh which really does work, and i have no complaints so far.
would buy again

good luck!!

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We have a 30" CI 1650 that sometimes gets a little ice on the mid back wall. It also sometimes has the problem that more water accumulates that can fit in the little drain channel on the back fridge wall (then it overflows into my veggie/ cheese drawers and gets my food wet, yuck. I have adjusted by checking ever day or 2 for the water build up, and sopping up up with a sponge to prevent overflow. It tales only a couple of minutes, but for this high end fridge, I shouldn't need to!

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We have the Liebherr CS2062 and it has been great. Once we had some frost in the freezer and after a quick service call we learned it was due to a small ice cube that kept the freezer drawer from closing all the way and the gaskets didn't seal. Problem solved.

The unit is very quiet and performs well.


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> It tales only a couple of minutes, but for this high end fridge, I shouldn't need to!

Are right. You should not have to. Call for service.

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Our 30" one has been doing the same thing as OP's almost since Day 1.

I have been telling DH we needed to contact the CS!!!

We have had it for 2-3 years (cannot remember). With the new baby and all, I have not had a chance to get to it myself.

I am wondering if it is too late to get a replacement.

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We have a CS1650 (30") purchased in 2008. The unit is located in a vacation condo in Hawaii. A few months back the ice maker stopped producing ice.

I removed the ice drawer and noticed an ice build up on the back wall. Shut the freezer off and took a warm rag to melt and remove the ice build up. Turned the freezer back on. Same problem. Located the manual and turned the ice maker off. Then pushed and held the power button to the ice maker until the light flashed. Closed the ice drawer and ice cubes popped out and I heard the refill. Called liebherr in Arizona. We were out of warrantee but they gave me a name of a company who I could call before our next trip to Hawaii.

Called this company and scheduled an appointment. Before he arrived I called arizona again and went over the symptoms. This time Arizona told me that the ice build up on the back wall sounded like air infiltration into the freezer from the back wall. Made no sense to me. They wanted the service guy to call them when he arrived.

Service guy came and called them. They ran him through many diagnostics via the top panel. I was impressed. Then he removed the ice maker and removed the back wall of the freezer to expose the condenser. He showed me the ice build up on both top sides of the condenser and told me this was the problem. Used his heat gun to defrost/melt the ice build up. Then used some kind of putty to seal the holes in the back freezer wall where the mechanicals enter the freezer compartment. He said that was it. The ice build up confused one of the sensors. The liebherr has many sensors. He put the freezer back together. We've had no problems since

He explained that not everybody knows how to work on these units. Liebherr has a training program in Arizona to train technicians how to properly work on these.

On the flip side, I am surprised that manufacturers do not occasionally scan resources such as gardenweb to deal with real world comments from end users like us.

Hope this info helps with someone's issues like ours

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We also purchased a 30" Liebherr in 2008 and it is a total "lemon". Yes, it is quiet but I had fewer problems with cheap fridges in rentals than this "high end" unit. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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had a problem with the ice maker ever since I bought it. Terrible service. Kept sending me replacement parts. Broke only after 3 months and continued with ice maker problems. and have been without an ice maker ever since. It's been about 5 years now. I will NEVER buy or recommend Liebherr. Am happy with my Gaggenau ovens (especially the combi-steam) and the Blue Star range. Don't mind spending the $ but not for a lemon and indifferent service. DO NOT BUY A LIEBHERR refrigerator - at least not one with an ice maker!

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Any refrigerator brand can have problems with the icemaker. Why? Because there's only 3 companies that make icemakers, and everybody, yes everybody, buys one of those three brands to install in their refrigerators.

I believe that icemakers are the single biggest source of complaints on refrigerators, and have been for decades.

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Liebherr uses their own icemakers. I have had my 36" French door Liebherr for over three years and have never had a problem with the icemaker. In fact, their "cocktail style" ice cubes are far better than the crescent shaped ones (that slide around inside the glass) that are produced by the manufacturers you mention. The ice cubes produced by the Sub-Zero I owned before buying the Liebherr tended to stick together in the bin if not used within a couple of days. I've not had that problem with the Liebherr.

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Taking what you both say to heart, I can still not excuse the total lack of customer service the company exhibited - especially for an appliance in that price range.

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I am dealing with a nightmare of continuous problems with my Liebherr HC #2062. The service people are coming again this morning because there is frost in the freezer for the second time. I need feed back to get this lemon out of my kitchen. They are not looking to replace this unit.

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These fridges are a nightmare to work on and a problem finding someone capable to work on them because off all the various sensons they carry. Liebherr finally sent out a service agent agsrefrigeration we are in london uk who manage to find that the fault was with one of the many sensors which he replaced all seems to be working now however i will not be buying a liebherr again all fur coat and no knickers.

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We are really disheartened to read your report on the Liebherr. We have a CS 2062, a little over 4 years old now with virtually the identical problem. "Upgrade" kit installed last week with the sensor insulators and new motherboard and already this week everything frozen solid in the crisper drawers and freeze-up of the back panel again. Not even able to adjust the temperature setting now which seems to have been de-activated.

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I wish I never bought the damn thing.

I tried to register at this site with the user name Liebhate, which pretty much says it all.

I purchased a CS 1611 30-inch unit on 1/24/12 and I have had nothing but trouble, though so far not much solid ice in the refrigerator section. Except when the defrost crashed and the tube that delivers condensation somewhere froze solid. The service man fixed that.

My problems are in the freezer section, where the defrost unit has never worked. I am on the 4th non-working thermostat. The freezer section is too cold, and the E3 error signal has been up there forever. Every time work has to be done, I spend two days defrosting the whole thing, wiping lots of water off the kitchen floor. I have tossed at least $600 worth of frozen food, maybe more. This has happened 6 times. Now it is out of warranty and my problem is that although there is no charge for the replacement parts they send, I must pay all labor costs. Yesterday I paid $180 to install another part that didn't work.

I called Liebherr to report that the part they sent was flawed and wouldn’t work, and to complain about the high cost to me. I have never before considered using improper language with a customer service representative, but the bored condescension of the arrogant lout I spoke with tempted me to reply with the usual advice, but I refrained.

My recommendation: Don’t ever buy a Liebherr refrigerator, and warn all your friends not to, as well.

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I do not want to jinx it; however, we installed the biofresh 30" in December. It is quiet, makes ice, keeps food fresh for ages and does all it should. Unless something goes wrong along the way..I would purchase one again...Keeping fingers crossed!

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I have a CS1650 and after 9 service calls the local rep still can't fix the icemaker. It has been replaced yet still will not harvest ice. It fills, freezes and just sits there. Does anyone have a suggestion? Or, does anyone have a sheet of diagnostics that may help??

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Hello, is anyone still monitoring this thread?? We have a liebherr hc2062 and are having the ice forming on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment issue. Service tech came and removed the ice and within 3 weeks i could see the ice was forming again on the back wall. We are outside the first 2 years of warranty at this point, and the liebherr tech is telling me that this isn't a "sealed system" problem. I sorta think it is, since the sealed system is causing the problems, no? Anyway, in trying to fix it myself, does anyone know how to get the water filter portion of the back panel disconnected in order to remove the back panel? Also, they mentioned some sort of sensor possibly needing to be replaced, does anyone know what this is? Thanks, when i can i like to do things myself, so trying to attempt to resolve this as well myself. Really worried though that a 6k fridge that had custom cabinetry built around it is causing this much trouble only 2.5 years after purchasing it.

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A sealed system problem would be something like a refrigerant leak or compressor failure. I guess you could say the sealed system is causing the ice buildup since the sealed system is what is making the fridge cold in the first place, but I don't think that would fly with Liebherr, LOL.

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Been there, done that with the ice on the back for the 36" 2062 series. I think my old posts are back in the 2009-2011 timeframe. 3 or 4 trips to try to remedy it under warranty, before I called "lemon law" and they replaced it with a new unit. Each time, without any service visit or diagnosis, they ordered a particular control board kit and sent a serivce tech to install it. Each time, the problem came back after a few months. The serivce reps were not instructed to do any diagnosis, check any sensors, or do any analysis, just replace the board.

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ww123 - I hope i'm not going to be in an endless loop of repairs with this, especially now that we are out of the initial 2 year all covered warranty. I talked to liebherr and they said it was most likely the evap sensor. So i have ordered that and will try it out (myself). Did they ever replace that sensor? Does the lemon law apply after that initial warranty is over? I still think it should be covered under the 5 year warranty since it's a problem with the sealed system running too much and causing ice on the back wall.

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