Basic cookware question regarding nonstick vs. 'stick'

slc2053June 10, 2008

Basic question here...when I watch these cooking shows sometimes cooks use nonstick..and sometimes they do there a good rule to follow regarding which pan to use depending what you cook or how you cook?


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I have one non stick fry pan that I use for eggs and sometimes grilled cheese. Both of these do fine in well seasoned cast iron too. Otherwise I use stainless steel, a combo of Cuisinart and All Clad. One large cast iron dutch oven for some soups that I don't add tomatoes to. They say it is safe to cook with tomatoes, just don't store.

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I don't use non-stick...anything.

Primarily because if it overheats it will kill my beloved parrots.

You wouldn't believe how hard this is to accomplish. Damn near everything is non-stick these days: irons, wafflemakers, deep fryers, curling irons, toaster ovens, pans, utensils.

It's lame. It's just a reason to charge you more for something that won't last as long--and it isn't safe for your health.

The only things that I could possibly see using it for anyways are things like crepes and eggs. However, you can cook all of these things in normal pans--you just have to use a little more grease.

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On the cooking shows, I see the cooks using SS most of the time if medium-high heat, or higher, is required, then they use SS. Searing is one example. Also, if they need to develop a fond that will later be used to enhance the flavor if a sauce, they use SS since it is harder to develop a fond with non-stick.

I believe the rule of thumb for non-stick is to use heat no higher than medium. I personally use non-stick for heat no higher than medium-low.

- Gorilla

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I use S/S except for crepes, for which I use non-stick.

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