Expresso Pot for Espresso Martinis

holly_bcJune 14, 2010

I'm trying to find something of reasonable price to make expresso for martinis. I've discovered the Bialetti and an 6 cup size is $40 or less. As I'm not wanting it hot, I'm thinking I could make a couple of pots and chill the resulting coffee for Martini time. (We consider these Martinis to be after dinner drinks.)

How does one foam the milk/cream for the top? I don't think this can be done in the aforementioned Bialetti. Is there another way?

Any help, info or alternative suggestions appreciated.

Ciao H

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You can get a milk frother for about $15 or $20 at local cooking/grocery stores, or $2 at Ikea. I find they work really well, even with cold milk, and are especially good at frothing my coffee/hot chocolate mix in the winter.

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