WANTED: Hand-Delivered by Lee!

Gina_WOctober 21, 2006

During our get-together Thursday in Los Angeles, Lee announced she was my swap partner! My first hand-delivered swap package! What a nice surprise. It was such a pleasure meeting Lee and Charlotte. I hope we can get together again next time you gals are in town.

Lee gave me a wonderful cookbook:

a stunning iridescent painted plate:

and a silk scarf hand-painted by Charlotte. Here's everything:

and to show Lee how spot-on she was selecting the scarf, here's a handful of my silk scarf collection, which she couldn't have possibly known about. Serendipity strikes again.

Lee also bought a bottle of Colorado wine and a neat gadget - a stainless steel adjustable wine cork, for everyone at our dinner.

Thank you Lee for the wonderful gifts!

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WOW!!! How fun to get your swap in person, And what a wonderful collecion. I LOVE everything in it. i've been trying to cook healthier and the cookbook looks awesome! The blues in th plate are divine, and I love the scarf. In fact I have a sik dress it would look great with, woul dyou consider lending it out???

Lee, you did a great job!!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

The plate is beautiful, I love it! The scarf is gorgeous! What terrific gifts and even better when it's delivered in person! Way to go, Lee! Enjoy your gifts, Gina! That's a fabulous package!

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All the items are wonderful, but that plate is to die for. Not, wait, the scarf is even better - that would be fabulous with dressy clothes or with jeans! And a no-guilt cookbook - how cool is that?

You did a great job Lee. Gina, enjoy :)

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How fun to be able to deliver in person...

I love scarves. I think they look stunning. I've never been able to tie them right so I don't wear them but always admire women who do. I even bought one of those ring things that you're supposed to just slide the scarf through...couldn't get that right either. So, I'm envious of you and your Beautiful, new, handpainted, SILK scarf! Lucky lady, you are Gina...

That plate is also stunning. Is it glass? Earthenware of some sort? Absolutely stunning....love it!

The cookbook is something I should look for. I need to pay more attention to healthy eating. I'm looking forward to hearing what you've tried from the book.

Nice going, Charlotte (love your name!).


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That cookbook..what a gem! Jacques'(both) smiling faces would have lured me instantly!2 of my all time favorites indeed.

And the art..both the plate and the scarf.. Bravo!
Gina...the second left scarf of yours(I think) is a gardener's dream scarf:)

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Gina, really, really nice gifts! I especially love that plate.
Lee, what a fabulous selection...and fun to deliver in person!


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Your jaw must have dropped when Lee announced that she is your swap partner. What fun. The cookbook looks amazing, I love the scarf and the plate is quite unique -- so pretty.

Nice going, girls!


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Oh wow, I just love that plate, and the scarf is beautiful too.

Healthy cooking? Something I ought to do more of too, I suppose.

Enjoy it all Gina, Lee sure did a good job on this swap!


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Lee, absolutely fabulous choices for Gina! And delivered in person, too? Too over the top! Enjoy everything, Gina.


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Did somebody already say Bravo!? Well, I second it. A hand painted silk scarf, how creative and talented. That plate is beautiful, and the book looks good, too. I love Jaques Pepin, too. I'm not familiar with the other chefs but I bet that's a good book. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the recipes posted here.


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Amazing gifts. Just amazing.

Wonderful ideas Lee! Gina, I know you'll enjoy it all.

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Oh Lee, how perfect for Gina! Great job!

Gina, enjoy your swap items. The scarf is going to be beautiful on you.

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That is an awesome plate and beautiful scarf. How wonderful, Gina! I bet the cookbook is fabulous, also! Terrific swap delivery, Lee!

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Lee that is a wonderful swap package. The hand-painted scarf is beautiful, I am also impressed at a lifestyle without kids where a scarf like that makes sense. LOL. It really is amazing how well the scarf suits Gina. The cookbook looks great as well, I keep thinking I should learn more about French cooking. The plate will be just right in Gina's new kitchen.


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That plate's a beauty -- and lucky you --a hand painted scarf-- cookbook looks interesting--

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Wow. Four world class chefs in one book and healthy, too! I have to add that to "my list".

The plate is stunning and goes perfectly with your granite. I'm speechless. The scarf is just lovely.

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What beautiful plate and lovely handmade scarf, love the colors--how special! The cookbook looks fantastic, please share a recipe! gina, what a great set of items, and delivered in person, too. Enjoy!

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How great to get your package in person! And what fabulous choices by Lee. The dish really is perfect with your granite!

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Oh Lee, what a beautiful swap box you put together for Gina. And to be able to deliver it in person makes it that much more special. That plate is spectacular and must look amazing in Gina's new kitchen.

Enjoy Gina.


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OMG what a package Lee. It's really nice you were able to deliver it yourself. The scarf is so beautiful as is the plate.

Enjoy Gina!!


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Wow! Was this the very first ever hand delivered swap? How cool is that!

Well, now I just KNOW that was supposed to have been mine. How did the names get all mixed up like that?

I wear scarves! I NEED that scarf! It's GORGEOUS! And that cookbook is just what my collection needs! I have a very old Jacques Pepin cookbook called Simple and Healthy Cooking (circa 1994!) so you can see that it would be PERFECT for ME!

And that PLATE...! It takes my breath away!

Waaaa! What happened! That was all supposed to have been MINE!!

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Now, now, stop whining, your time will come...

Gina you really scored! Are you sure Lee didn't say that package was for me? LOL! I love that plate, the book is awesome and the scarf would be perfect for my collection

Lee you did great and I know Gina loves it all. Good work!

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Gina that scarf is you, it's really you! So is the dish , so is the cookbook! Great job Lee, just so Ginacentric!

The best part is that it was delivered in person, I just think that is so special , I'm jealous.

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The scarf is stunning! I love that plate also. Looks like you got a wonderful package, Gina. Nice job, Lee.

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The plate is translucent blue glass. I haven't had time to peruse the cookbook yet but I will later today.

Nyah-nyah, Marcia - just wait your turn girl! Actually there's been at least one other hand-delivered swap package - I don't remember which.

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Wow those look like perfect things.

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What an excellent swap package Gina! Healthy French cooking sounds very appealing, I do think I'd be happy to get any cookbook on French cooking! That plate is fantastic! And the scarves match your own colours well.

Nice job Lee... really liked the personal touch of hand delivering!


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Too cool that you had a surprise at the LA gathering Gina! I really like that plate and how cool is that scarf?! The cookbook is a perfect fit and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Great package Lee!!

That is some collection of scarves for someone who doesn't like the mall....LOL!


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Did ann_t know you had a visit planned? How fun to get an in-person surprise! Both the scarf and the plate are absolutely beautiful. Great job Lee!

Gina, your granite has such bright blue inclusions--is it Blue-Eyes? (Trying to remember from my granite-angst days...)

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Gina, what a special swap package that you will always treasure. Especially since you were able to receive it in person from Lee. Enjoy!

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Ann, you are right, I had forgotten about the photos of Gina's new kitchen, and how gorgeous that plate is going to look in there!!!!!

Lee - outstanding job choosing personal things just for Gina.


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Wow, Lee! Looks like you hit the nail on the head for Gina! The scarf is so pretty, the plate is perfect and I'm sure the cookbook will be put to good use. Best part is delivering it in person. Hmmmmm.... wonder if I could swing a trip to.... well, I won't say.

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What style! All of the items have a certain je ne sais quoi!

The plate is spectacular, and the scarf seems very understated and elegant. And the cookbook -- what's not to like?

Being able to hand-deliver it makes it all even better! Nice job, Lee; I know you'll enjoy all the items, Gina!

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I was the other hand delivered package! By Lori when I went to Connecticut. There might have also been someone else.

Anyway, I was present at the exchange and all of Gina's gifts from Lee were even more marvelous in person! Lucky Gina, generous Lee!

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I think there was an in-person swap moment at the last canny camp too. Finally, yes, that's blue eyes - those blue inclusions look like iridescent gemstones.

David - I'm getting you for that - somehow! Some of my scarves are over 20 years old (Gee I must've been 3 years old when I started getting them, nyuk, nyuk...)

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Lee, I love the "personalized delivery"! That gorgeous glass plate will be perfect in Gina's kitchen (your granite is spectacular!) and the hand-painted scarf is beautiful! The cookbook....I ordered one today for moi. French-Healthy has got to be good! (reading these posts is dangerous!) Gina, enjoy!

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The colours in that plate and the scarf are really brilliant, very beautiful. And that has got to be the ultimate, to give and receive in person!

Enjoy it all Gina, good job Lee.


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I'm back home and having a great time catching up on the exchange threads.

I loved having Gina as my partner and loved being able to deliver her gifts in person. This was our last business trip of the year and it was really fun to have dinner out with so many of the LA group. Charlotte and I have painted silk and cut and sewn dresses and accessories for many years. It was great that she painted the scarf and was at dinner too. I had some help with color consultation from Jessy and I thought the dark red was a perfect understated color for Gina and since she had posted pictures of her kitchen I was sure the blue glass would blend in. I'm glad you like them too Gina.

It was so much fun - I wish everyone could deliver swap packages in person.


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A swap in person has to be the best! And your gifts are lovely.

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Yikes! How did I miss this thread??

What a fun surprise to get your swap delivered in person, and to top it off such fabulous gifts!

That plate is gorgeous....I am off to the kiln to experiment! LOL


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Well I must say that I can personally attest that the plate looks awesome in Gina's kitchen. That scarf would look better on me Gina, hand it over. You can hang onto the cookbook - I think your DH would like it. Bwhahaha! Nice, no, FAB selections!

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I love love love the plate - I especially like square plates! I might even wear the scarf, and I think the cookbook sound great! The third chef looks like Jacques Pépin, but I don't recognize the others.

Lars (trying to catch up, slowly)

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This one slipped by me somehow. The plate and the scarf are beautiful. Very thoughtful selections. I'm really curious about the cookbook, too. I love Jacques Pepin.

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Getting your gift in person is a gift in itself! How wonderful! I think that scarf is stunning...wow! I'd love to check out that cookbook. I'll be looking forward to your future postings! The painted plate is pretty! Nice color! Enjoy Gina!

Great job Lee!!

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The plate and scarf are so pretty and unusual and how nice to be delivered in person.

Lee, what a special and thoughtful package!

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How great to receive your swap package in person! I haven't see that cookbook, it looks amazing, as does the rest of your package. Great job!

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