Bravo Gourmet Cookware

leelJune 10, 2007

Bravo Gourmet Cookware Made in Spain. 1999

Someone I know bought 2 pans at a garage sale. She'd like to know if she can use them in the oven, but has been unable to uncover any info about the brand ANYWHERE. She'd also like to buy a lid for the saucepan. Any info out there from someone??

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What are the handles made out of....that would be the thing.
I might say you get what you pay for...but sometimes you are lucky...
I have been more times than I can mention..LOL!
If the handles don't look like plastic or a composition, I would go ahead and put them in the oven...
As for the lid? I have a stack of various sizes of "generic lids...I always have a lid for a pan. I never toss a lid when a pan gets trashed....and I buy lids at garage sales, good will etc!!
What are they made out of?
Linda C

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I have successfully used Bravo cookware in the oven. I wish that they still made the cookware. The only problem with Bravo Gourmet cookware their handles break easily if dropped on a hard surface.

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