Cast Iron Wagner Polished Skillet (American Culinary)

jw1844June 14, 2013

We are getting new cookware :) and wanted a cast iron skillet -- we have been reading about the smoother skillets of yesteryear and have one on order from eBay, looking forward to stripping and re-seasoning that skillet.

In the meantime however, we found this

which appears to be new cast iron skillets that have a polished cooking surface.

It looks like American Culinary is selling Wagner skillets with the polished surface.

Anybody used these before? Would it be just as good as an older Wagner/Griswold skillet with the smooth cook surface?


Here is a link that might be useful: American Culinary

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First, NOT an expert on the stuff but LOVE cast iron... collection is always growing. Got reunited with it a few years ago when I found a Lodge, Wagner, and Griswold at a yard sale for $1 each. TOTALLY crusty... I took quick & dirty (lazy) route and stripped off all the crud with spray oven cleaner... summer-time, so no self-cleaning cycle on oven. Griswold if my favorite with surface like glass that is virtually non-stick.

I'm a yard sale, thrift store and flea market junkie, so have to recommend looking for pieces there. Would recomment looking for pieces that look "dirty"... sign that probably older and well used in their day. CI is pretty much indestructible and comes back to original glory very easily.

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