wolf vs blue star range...

YuliaONovember 15, 2013

We are in the process of choosing a 36" range. Right now we are choosing between blue star and wolf...I would love to get bs platinum, but their 36" version did not come out yet...
So i am completely torn between bs and wolf...we know we want griddle..

Do you think griddle on one is better then on the other? Is it convenient to have griddle in the middle...i would think it's much better to have it on the side, but not sure if one of the companies offers this configuration... If you only compared griddles, which one is better?

My understanding is that if you compare 2 perfectly working ranges then BS is better, but if you are having troubles then Wolf's customer service is better, is that correct?

BS does not have dual fuel option, right? If i was to buy Wolf i would get dual fuel...

i so want the decisions part to be over...

ps i am also getting steam/combo oven, so i'll have additional small oven...

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Wolf griddle gets hotter because they use an infrared design while BS uses standard gas burner.

Wolf 100-450 degrees.
BS 100-375

A few BS owners said they can't get BS griddle above 350 degrees.

But you are better off searing or stir frying on Bluestar's 22k btu burner than Wolf's griddle. You don't want to make breakfast at 450 degrees anyway.

You can custom configure BS to put the griddle where you want it but not the Wolf.

Wolf customer service was almost universally praised a few years ago some not happy recently over how Wolf handled some chipping in blue porcelain in the ovens.

BS customer service was panned a few years ago but seems much better now.

BS does not offer dual fuel but if you are getting an electric wall oven I would especially recommend the gas oven.

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Thank you for your input!

Are there any foods you make on griddle that would require 450F?

I am still debating if i should get a range or range top with separate oven (in that case i think i would get BS rangetop+miele or wolf oven)...So hard to decide....

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350 is good for pancakes but if I had a griddle I'd want the ability to sear things on it and play tepanyaki chef. If all I was doing was some eggs, pancakes and bacon I'd stick with my $125 nonstick electric griddle rather than sacrifice two burners.

I believe one problem with having four burners together rather than split is you won't be able to fit two large pans up front side by side.

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"......if you are getting an electric wall oven I would especially recommend the gas oven."

We are in contemplation mode for a kitchen remodel and I could do either two ovens and a range top or 1 range and 1 oven. The 2nd oven will be a steam oven - probably Gaggenau or Wolf. What do you think the advantage of having a gas oven and electric oven would be over two electrics?

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I can 100% promise you that anyone that cant get their bs griddle above 350 has an adjustment issue, most likely being t-stat. I can easily get over 500 on mine. I do think the wolf griddle being infrared is likely superior tho.

I think wolf would have a slightly superior grill and griddle, bs would have vastly superior burners, as for ovens, (gas vs gas) would probably be similar.

Even with some quality and service issues wolf seems to have had latley, if I was betting I would put my money on wolf for service. (however my limited experience with bs service has been outstanding) Fwiw, I own a 48" bs with grill and griddle for over 5 yrs now. Very happy wih it and would buy over wolf.

Both ranges are excellent.

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I was on the fence about a griddle, but went with the 6 burners and then bought a vintage (1930's) cast iron griddle. It is the best decision I have ever made. Is it perfect, not, but for how often I use the griddle it works best for us.

If I had to make a decision between the Wolf and the BS I would go BS just for the burners and the ease of clean-up, imho, of the BS and the cast iron grates. We have the Wolf L-Series oven as well as the Wolf Microwave/convection and Wolf Steam oven, so we really like Wolf a ton. But after doing their cooking demo at their showroom and seeing how much discoloration there was on their 5 burner gas cooktop with the stainless steel top and how it was showing swirl marks from cleaning we were sold on the BS at that point. That doesn't even go in to open vs. closed burners, which to me is more personal preference. But that being said I love my open burners on my BS rangetop and would never look back.

Why not do the best of both worlds? Get the BS range top and put a Wolf oven under it? That is what we did, kind of at least, our Wolf oven is in our Island and not directly under our range top. We actually love it that way, as now I can be cooking on the range top and the wife can be baking or getting things out of the oven and neither of us are in each others ways.

If you don't have the room to move them you can set them up like a range, with the range top above the wall oven. It won't be 100% the same as a range, but you now get a Wolf oven and a BS range top and as I said kind of the best of both worlds based on your choices.


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philwojo99, i am thinking about doing the same - blue star range top and wolf ovenâ¦The only thing that upsets me is that Subzero has a promo right now where i could get $1000 in rebate if i got SZ fridge+ wolf rangeâ¦

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sooooâ¦.if i get a range top with griddle (and maybe grill as well)â¦.should i go with bluestar or culinarian? Which one has better griddle and which one is easier to clean?

oh my, so hard to choose..

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I have been extremely pleased with Wolf's customer service (recent, this year).

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The wolf SZ promo is going on all the time, so don't be swayed by that. Also, is it possible to put an oven under a range top (as opposed to a cooktop)? I have always assumed there is not enough room to do that.

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I don't think there is enough space under range top to put oven â¦.

I spent half a night on the plans of the kitchen and i think i figured the way to fit range top and have ovens (regular and steam) in a separate high cabinetâ¦yay to me :)))) If only my contractor agrees to move the sink to the islandâ¦.i should be all setâ¦

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If you go with the range rather than the components, also be sure to compare the broiler capabilities. I believe they are quite different in their sizes as far as area. If you plan to broil often, this can be an important piece of the decision.

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I have a 36" 6 burner BS that is just turning 4YO. Not being a griddle person, I can not comment on how good it works. When I need a griddle I have a nice old Griswold cast iron griddle that I place over 2 burners. Works for me, the few times I wanted a griddle.
My main concern were good burners. Love the 22K burner and the small simmer burner. Plus the BS was the most mechanical (simplest) design. No circuit boards to worry about failing. To date, no service issues. The oven heats well. The only thing I can say is in heating up and cooling down the oven will make a few noises as the metal expands and contracts sometimes.

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I also have the 36" bluestar RNB. When I ordered mine I had it arranged so the middle burners are both 22k. I can put a cast iron griddle across both 22k burners. It gets pretty smoking hot when I throw on a steak. If I don't need the griddle I take it off. Then I have room for a couple large stock pots for clam chowder or what not.

I'm not sure what temperature that equates to when compared to the built-in griddle. (I think built in grill is 30k? BTU so the dual 22K should be hotter)

In the past three years I have had to replace one spark igniter and one of the oven lights. Both were technically free since I got a free spark igniter with purchase and bluestar service sent me a replacement oven light free. (Not sure if they normally do that under warranty but they did for me) No other service has been done to my unit.

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Thank you for your replies!

I decided to remove one wall so i can fit range top (blue star) and separate oven (wolf)

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This is a message to TYGUY regarding blue star griddle heat achieving five hundred degrees. You mention a potential problem with "tstat" for those of us whose griddles don't feel hot enough. Can you tell me what that is? Bluestar has actually offered to stop by to look at it but if I can address myself despite being under warranty,mi would prefer that...always a learning experience...thank you for the reply.

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I have had wolf double ovens for 10 years and had major problems with cleaning them-bottom line is you can't...(I live at 7200 ft and the self cleaning blows out the ovens) Wolf's service is great and would be the only reason I would consider buying them again. I also have the 6 burner wolf cooktop, also 10 years old and it is wonderful-would buy again in a heartbeat. I have purchased a new home and am totally redoing the kitchen. I am considering a Bluestar 36" range with a Miele Steam Convection for a second oven-or a wolf 6 burner cooktop and Miele steam/convection and miele regular oven. Any feedback on these choices? Also, any current feedback on Bluestar and Miele Support/Service if there is a problem? I will be at 5200Ft which may make baking/cleaning easier. Thanks.

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I don't recall whether the Miele has a broil element, I think the Wolf combi does, and that may be something to consider if you do a lot of broiling. I have the BS 30 inch RNB range, and am sure you would be happy with the 36 inch range for its top burners and oven with the one full extension rack , though the broiler on the 30 inch range is powerful, it is pretty small. For example, it can evenly broil about 1/2 a rack of pork ribs, but not much bigger. Not sure how big the broil element is in the 36 inch BS. I haven't had a problem with my BS, so can't comment on support.

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I am in the process of deciding between Wolf and Blue star. Wolf is a lot more money, and I think I would like a Blue Star just as well. I would love any more ideas/comments on this.

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Dungan, I would say start a new thread for yourself, state what your cooking style is like,w hat you normally cook, how many people do you cook for, what is your budget, what are the things you want in a range, what are things you don't want in a range and anything else you think is helpful, it will get a lot more responses compared to your post above.

Just my opinion.

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