Eastman Outdoors carbon steel wok/w burner

weedlyJune 24, 2006

I recently purchased an Eastman Outdoors carbon steel wok with an LP burner, man all the wasted years!

My wife and I love wok food but I only managed OK results with a wok on our smooth cooktop range. The difference with the outdoor set is power! The burner cranks out 65,000 BTUs (of course you can't possibly use that many). Needless to say, it gets the wok smoking hot in about a minute.

Last night we had spicy tangerine chicken with cauliflower, awesome.

I wondered if anyone else woks outdoors? I saw that King Cookers has an outdoor wok kit that is a relative bargain at about 50 bucks. The Eastman kit I bought that came with a nice set of utensiles and deep-fry thermometer was about eighty bucks.

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I've been disappointed with stove-top woks since the beginning of time. Never enough heat. Everything gets more steamed than woked. Actually have considered installing commercial wok inside. I'm thinking for the price your outdoor unit might be a way to ease into the decision. Sounds like you may have had some amount of previous experience. Can you tell me more about your previous experience and differences you notice with this new unit? Did you get the smaller or larger version?

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Sounds like you have experienced wok soup, as have I.

The wok cooking with this unit is totally different. It is so hot, I can't believe the power. That is a luxury in wok-ing, as you know. I am smitten with it, and this after only fixing two meals in that number of days.

The one I purchased has the 18" carbon steel wok, so I believe that is the smaller version. I used a 14' wok on my range, so that was my frame of reference. The 18 is huge, but I think they offer a 22, which you could feed a pile of folks with.

Outdoor wok cooking is a natural. Wok cooking produces so much smoke and concentrated aromas that doing it outdoors just makes sense. Kind of like frying fish.

P.S. I was sort of shocked to learn that my large burner on my modern smooth cooktop range can only manage about 12,000 BTUs. No wonder I was getting wok soup, or at least not the results I had hoped for. This outdoor burner, with 65,000 BTUs at hand, did the trick for me!

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