Does anyone have the Tramontina 4-qt. SS saucepan?

gb85June 28, 2010

This is the exact one I am looking for.

Tramontina 4-qt. 18/10 TriPly-Clad Stainless Steel Saucepan

I would like to use it on my induction as my everyday pasta pot. If you have it can you please, please measure the flat part of the bottom - trying to see if it will work on my back 6 1/4 hob. I really appreciate it! I am also x-posting in appliances.


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Nobody on this forum seems to have it.

Cook's Illustrated recommended it with reservations (despite of it being nearly identical to All-Clad in appearance and cooking even a little bit faster) because most testers complained about it feeling "top-heavy" and "unbalanced," with a handle too thin to accommodate its weight, which made the helper handle more of a necessity than a bonus feature.

They tested the 80116/514 model - not sure if it is the same you have in mind.

My local WS is having a clearance sale on AC 3-ply. You may wish to see if yours does too as the prices are amazing.

Good luck!

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I just picked mine up at WalMart. It's 7" across the flat bottom and then it curves up slightly. It is very well made. I have their 12" skillet and have been very pleased with its performance.

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