Ice maker motor freezing

pjmysticNovember 5, 2013

I have a GE Side by side 12 year old refrigerator and the motor keeps freezing up and the ice clumps up as well on our icemaker. If I take the motor out and let it thaw I can put it back in and it will work for a few days before freezing again.

Thinking that maybe water was dripping on the motor, I turned off the icemaker and just filled the bucket with store bought ice and it worked for a few days as well before freezing up again.

It looks like the flapper is closing after I stop running the icemaker so I don't think air is getting in there. Any other ideas on why this is happening?


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Which motor is involved?

The *ice maker* motor ... that scoops the frozen cubes out of the mold into the storage bin?

The *dispenser* motor ... that runs the spiral auger to move cubes from the storage bin out the dispenser chute?

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Sorry, the dispenser motor. Also, when it's frozen you can still hear it humming like it's trying to turn but it's definitely not turning.

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Replace the motor module, I suppose. You didn't cite the model number of the refrigerator, so I can't help you on what's the part number.

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The model # is GSS22UFMD WW.

Is a bad motor module something that would cause the motor to freeze? This is far from my specialty is why I ask.

Thank you.

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Sorry, I misspoke (mistyped?), assumed GE would source the motor and housing as a unit. The motor is available separately.

Crusher Motor
Part Number WR60X10103 subs to WR60X10258.

Shop the item for price from numerous sources. On a quick check of two, I find $93.41 and $49.99.

Also ... of course, I can't 100% verify without physical examination that replacing the motor will solve the problem.

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Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I'll post an update once things are fixed.

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I thought I would follow up with my solution. After researching and researching this I found that it could possibly be either the temperature sensor or the defrost thermostat. Both of those parts were approximately $7/each so I ordered them and installed them to see if that would do it.

As it turned out, that fixed my problem and the icemaker is back to normal. I'm not sure which one fixed it but for the price it was worth just getting them both and was an easy install for each.

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